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2018 movies: List of the Best films of the year – trailers

2018 movies released best

LNT presents the best 2018 movies released in theaters, or directly on DVD / VOD / Streaming. This list indeed includes the greatest films of 2018 in their entirety over this period. You are bound to find a top movie of 2018 to see among the best achievements. Many styles and genre are represented in our non-exhaustive list of films of 2018.

List of the Best 2018 movies

The best 2018 movie: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Martin McDonagh is a little part of this new generation of directors who we only watch out for when he comes out with a bang that has made a lot of noise. And with the awards Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri received, its name is likely to hold the attention of many moviegoers for years to come.

#2 Isle of Dogs

Four years after the original and colorful The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson returns with his new stop-motion film, the highly anticipated Isle of Dogs.

The story takes place in Japan, in the fictional city of Megasaki, in the near future which has seen the birth of a totalitarian society leaving little room for individual freedom and thought. Following a canine flu epidemic, the mayor decides (unilaterally and despite protests) to send all the dogs, faithful companions of Man, to an island where garbage is piling up.

#3 Ready Player One

If Ready Player One doesn’t go down, it’s because a real director is behind it, and he can even take the author’s hat at times. Spielberg has fun, and often seems sincere in the grandpa pose that he is now. Certain sequences could not be so successful without his paw: the beautiful backward movement that makes the ceiling a projection of the backstage of the Bérézina on the surface, for example, or the comings and goings between the virtual world and its consequences in reality, at the option of the sieges of an army becoming simply red, consequences of their game-over. This fluidity energizes the sequences and allows them to access a reading that goes beyond the basic ambition of a simple battlefield.

#4 on the best 2018 movies list: Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

While Tom Hardy is on his third attempt at autolysis, and Riz Ahmed has still not left the nursing home where he is staying, the viewer could legitimately think, upon exiting the cinema showing the filth Venom, which Sony now rhymes with sodomy.

And wait with great suspicion for this second attempt to exploit an already orphaned Spider-verse.

Except that the miracle has indeed taken place this time. Because Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a concentrate of the best of comic book culture that would have been brought to the screen as is, taking advantage of strong biases, sometimes jaw-dropping but almost always fair and relevant.

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#5 The shape of water

The shape of water: the title of Guillermo del Toro’s latest film, which we like to describe as “visionary” is perfectly eloquent, and finds, from its opening sequence, its line of conduct: his film is above all a form : plastic, ambitious, poetic and ostentatious.

Jean-Pierre Jeunet was not wrong to be moved by it: there are many connections between his poetic cinema and the universe deployed by The Shape of Water: a greenish photographic wish (The City of Lost Children), a candid young girl accompanied by an accordion tune (Amélie Poulain) and unusual scenes with a strong visual impact (the dance of the feet on the bed and the flooding of the bathroom) by Delicatessen.

#6 Avengers : Infinity War

Ten years. Ten years ago, therefore, we discovered Iron Man, a new superhero with immediate success, contrasting drastically with the failures of other films of the decade such as Daredevil or Catwoman. This time, Marvel Studios have a serious idea in mind and the start is ideal. 17 films later, finally comes one of the major milestones of a whole cinematographic universe with a completely new approach, an ambitious project which raised expectations, fears and indignation. Tired and desperate to see so many superhero films taking up so much space in our theaters and in the common imagination, some can no longer support these popcorn films which monopolize the heights of the box office.

#7 First Man

First Man, adaptation of the novel First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong by James R, tells us about the incredible odyssey of Neil Armstrong (played by Ryan Gosling) who achieved the feat, on July 21, 1969, of walking on the Moon. A story that will not surprise anyone, because it is obviously known to everyone and has left a milestone in the history of mankind. The importance therefore lies in the manner of telling this story to make it both interesting and innovative in view of the subject. And where Chazelle hits hard is that he surprises. Because First Man focuses on human beings more than on the conquest of space itself. In addition, while addressing his personal quest and the fulfillment of it, the director is primarily interested in the family and intimate sphere of Neil Armstrong.

#8 on the best 2018 movies list: Incredibles 2

The first minutes of the film The Incredibles 2 raise awareness of the evolution of the quality of animation in 14 years, especially for the texture and colors of the characters and sets. The sequence of the plot between the end of the first opus and the last baby signed Pixar is an excellent idea of the director / screenwriter Brad Bird. The viewer thus has the impression of having left the Parr family the day before.

So we find our dear family of superheroes in contact with the Demolitionist. The latter manages to escape, not without having previously robbed the Metroville bank and having caused great damage which will be attributed to the superheroes by the city authorities.

#9 Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread will undoubtedly figure at the top of the 2018 movies lists, from a technical point of view, as its production borders on haute couture. Good thing since we are right in the subject of the film. The meticulousness of the artist, the grace and texture of the ornate fabrics, the lightness of the lace: all these images, and more, can be used in an attempt to awkwardly capture the beauty of the company, its dazzling composition, mastery of all techniques.

#10 Under the Silver Lake

A mysterious trailer is enough to ignite the expectations of a Croisette which had to give up so many headliners announced by the rumors. Under the Silver Lake was enticing, and indeed the perfect prey for widespread disappointment.

It is clear that David Robert Mitchell’s third film, after the modest The Myth of the American Sleepover, and the promising It Follows, does not spare its techniques of seduction: a colorful and solar image in a baroque Los Angeles, reminiscent of the contrasting imagery of Tarantino’s films or the nocturnal photo of those of Richard Kelly

#11 BlacKkKlansman

We rarely laugh in official competition at Cannes: just on this point, Spike Lee’s film was a real breath of fresh air. A rather cheeky satirical comedy, Blackkklansman deals with a hot topic in the United States through the twists and turns of a story borrowing from the codes of blaxploitation. Lightness is assumed and it is this which allows the most successful sequences of the film: by the satirical portraits of the members of the Klan (nice role of Topher Grace), the cheeky nonchalance of the undercover cop (John David Washington, endowed with immediate sympathy) and an eye for detail that often hits the mark. It is in its way of approaching language that the film is most impactful (seeing it in original version is an absolute necessity): the diction exercises to appear white, the Southern or African-American accent are the ground of sluices well-felt and the opportunity for a fairly detailed cultural reflection.

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