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2019 movies: List of the Best films of the year – trailers

2019 movies released

Find out which are the best 2019 movies released in theaters, or directly on DVD / VOD / Streaming. This list indeed includes the greatest films of 2019 in their entirety over this period. You are bound to find a top movie of 2019 to see among the best achievements. Many styles and genre are represented in our non-exhaustive list of films of 2019.

List of the Best 2019 movies

The best 2019 movie: Parasite

After Okja, Bong Joon-ho had expressed his fatigue with regard to large American productions, and called for a return to his native country for a more modest film. The result is Parasite, one of his best films, which gives the concept of modesty a very cheerful color.

However, it is undeniable that this film goes back to the reverse of his career, digging into furrows already well under way in Mother (the survival instinct until unreason), Memories of Murder (a portrait of the country in a mixture of unique tones ), The Host (the marginal family) and up to the origins of Barking Dog where the exploration of spaces materialized the social division of the country.

#2 Joker

Batman has many enemies who, roaming the slums of Gotham City, brooding dark thoughts. Among them, there is one that dominates the collective imagination of what the antithesis of the Batman is. Clown makeup, demented smile, garish costumes and painted hair, the Joker exudes a feeling of worrying and relentless danger. The character, created by Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger and Bob Kane, is present from the first issue of Batman released in 1940. On the big screen, two interpretations had so far marked the minds of spectators: Jack Nicholson in Tim Burton’s Batman and more recently Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan. Jared Leto? Nah.

#3 Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

There is a delicious paradox here: the most anticipated film of the year, cornerstone of the 2019 production and climax of the last Cannes Film Festival, is a nostalgic song of singular melancholy. Pundits Tarantino, Pitt and DiCaprio have achieved that state of notoriety that allows for lucidity, a meta reflection on their status and the surpassing of first degree entertainment. What European critics will call post-modernity, and that Tarantino has always exploited in a way, but which today takes on a new lease of life, because practiced by an adult who counts himself among the great directors he adores.

#4 on the best 2019 movies list: Green Book

Behind the carefully respected conventions of a historical film – beautiful sets, beautiful cars, beautiful images of an America that still seems virgin -, we very quickly discover an unexpected grace, that of two actors who accumulate miracles for us in two hours and a few that pass like a dream. From roles written to the millimeter, not devoid of a slight caricatural varnish which kills the serious pontificate which constituted the big risk of such a project, Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali both play a much more subtle score than required. the specifications for such a project, “based on real facts” (preliminary announcement which is very scary …): they both demonstrate, without however ever ceasing to be fun, by remaining beautifully light, d ‘a superb ingenuity, of what the Anglo-Saxons call a “candor” which gives their stereotypical characters an exciting humanity.

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#5 Midsommar

While Hereditary movie gave a glimpse of a promising filmmaker, Aster brings together in this second essay the means to transform it in great widths: a more original subject, a daring duration (nearly 2:30) and, above all, the possibility of completing a few – some of the themes that already obsessed her in the previous opus: the family unit, ritualization and an approach to horror that ignores the gross recipes that have so stiffened her.

Midsommar suffers from only one handicap, the possibility of counting in the ranks of the spectators of the cinephiles who will have seen the singular Wicker Man of 1973. A model which destabilizes a little the splendid originality which seems to give all its influence to this solar and pagan film , and which is therefore in reality part of a filiation however much reduced.

#6 The Favourite

The Favorite, in the career of Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos, looks like those artistic turns that confuse and worry the viewer, at least those who feast on his divisive and impertinent cinema: by investing in a genre as codified and consensual as the film in costume, by accepting a script written by others, wouldn’t our man be denying himself and entering a kind of conformism?

#7 Ad Astra

The opening shot is enough to reassure the amateur of James Gray who could fear seeing him get damaged in a blockbuster where he would have dissolved the strength of his writing which has been sparking his (too rare) films for 25 years: Ad Astra will be a new version of one of the tortured portraits of which he has the secret, in a quest (for the father, for meaning, for relief) which has always structured his work.

The parallels between this chapter of SF and its previous attempt, almost as ambitious as The Lost City of Z were legion: during this exploration of the unknown on a human scale (a civilization forgotten for one, life extraterrestrial for the other), another mystery holds up an almost more opaque mirror to the protagonists: the filial bond, the model of the father and the relationship to oneself that results from it.

#8 on the best 2019 movies list: Avengers Endgame

It is a date to be marked with a milestone, the completion of The Infinity Saga, 11 years of work, 22 films on tour, a connected universe project as insane as it is salivating which finds a first conclusion in Avengers: Endgame , direct follow-up to Infinity War after Thanos’ fatal finger snap.

But Avengers: Endgame is also Marvel, who wanted to be the first to bring together such a titanic team without wanting to stop, they bring together both the best and the worst points of their fashion production, to give a meaning and a reason for being to the surplus of feature films and characters who built the MCU.

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#9 Toy Story 4

Is it a coincidence that Toy Story 3 has lavishly opened the door to a shaky decade at Pixar and that Toy Story 4 closes it almost as brilliantly? Between a lack of new ideas, an overloaded schedule of outings and almost imposed projects, John Lasseter’s teams have since experienced difficulties and have only fully won the public’s support with Vice-Versa and Coco, delivering alongside the nice and disappointing.

The very idea of a Toy Story 4 had everything an aberration, even a heresy. Formalized at the worst moment by the big boss in person, this second epilogue will obviously not have been planned enough, being constantly rewritten and constantly changing teams until there is hardly a single member originally announced.

#10 The Irishman

Lips pursed, hair slicked back, eyes narrowed and laughing, hand plunged into his jacket and clutched on the butt of a revolver, Robert De Niro is in my living room, ready to do battle once again. It is, this time, Frank Sheeran, whom everyone knows by the name of “The Irishman”. While he is a simple truck driver transporting beef carcasses, Frank will bond with members of the Mafia. By chance first of all, by meeting Russell Bufalino, Sicilian mafia boss, at a gas station; then by committing petty theft that will bring him into the bosom of Russell and his clan. Frank, unlike Henry Hill in Goodfellas, didn’t always dream of being a gangster. He becomes a henchman by force of circumstances, that’s all.

#11 Marriage Story

New variation on the horrors of the couple could not be more common, Marriage Story shines by its lack of originality, whether in Baumbach’s filmography (which takes up a theme already addressed in The Berkmans Separate 13 years ago) or in the radiography of the contemporary couple through any account. And this is the filmmaker’s wish to embrace this episode of the divorce ordeal, to dissect its harshness and the way in which it leads to self-assessment of a life.

The duo in the process of separation is obviously a nice exercise in style for the actors, Adam Driver on the one hand, very comfortable in the indie score, and Scarlett Johansson who we see too rarely in a realistic setting (and to which the filmmaker offers a little satirical wink on his daily life as an actress on a green background in a shooting scene for the less funny).


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