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2020 movies: List of the Best films of the year – trailers

2020 movies best list

Here is the non-exhaustive list of the best released 2020 movies that we will not hesitate to watch again. Among them, 1917, Little Women, Drunk, Onward animation, etc. A year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic and therefore, postponed exits.

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to remember the best cinema releases of 2020. We expected more, but the Covid-19 pandemic decided otherwise, postponing many important releases, such as Dune and No Time To Die, the next James Bond, and last with Daniel Craig. But 2021 already promises great outings.

2020 was still full of emotions, with the return of great directors, such as Christopher Nolan with Tenet and David Fincher with Mank, which had just been released on Netflix.

List of the Best 2020 movies

The best 2020 movie: 1917

1917 is one of those “film events” which fairly quickly arouses fear. A director freeing himself from a franchise in which he shone (especially with Skyfall), an aesthetic bias consisting in merging long sequence shots into a real-time continuum, a mastodon communication on the subject coinciding with the campaigns for the Oscars, and the stars are aligned for a problematic performance exhibition.

#2 Jojo Rabbit

Recognized at the beginning only by small circles of cinephiles, Taika Waititi became known in a dazzling time as one of the best comic directors today, by positioning himself there he would be easily heard and always aiming right in his humor to both visual and textual.

Jojo Rabbit not only has great things to say, but he’s also full of great ideas. Thanks to a director who draws on the good inspirations (besides The Dictator) which are not the most obvious. The best and, dare we say it, the most daring, that of making the hero a little boy so passionate about Adolf Hitler that he made him his imaginary friend.

#3 Uncut Gems

In 2017, the Safdie brothers had given us, with Good Time, a superb urban thriller with a strong social connotation. Three years later, leaving the New York slums for the Diamond District, they reiterated the principle of a chase, this time applied to a beleaguered jeweler. Uncut Gems, with Adam Sandler better than ever as a Jew fascinated by money but chased by the evil eye, is on Netflix.

Adam Sandler plays here one of those magnificent losers that we love so much in the cinema as many characters from Scorsese, Woody Allen or even the Coen brothers (The Dude). With his front teeth that we will hesitate to qualify as happiness as the man is unlucky, his glasses that fall all the time and the slack that sticks to his skin, Howard Ratner is a talkative Jewish jeweler, very focused on money and secondarily sex.

#4 on the best 2020 movies list: Tenet

Tenet has to be the most ambitious film Nolan has ever made. The Making-off will certainly be stupendous with images that will be, from a “sense” point of view.

Looking in the retro, the question of “meaning” must be put at the heart of this film because it is the engine of the Nolan machine. I had retained from Dunkirk and Interstellar Nolan’s will to “Bring life”. To make a film more than a work that you watch, but something that you experience through sound, through image, but also through balance (Inception) or even rhythm (Dunkirk).

#5 The Gentlemen

Guy Ritchie knew how to seduce in his beginnings, and we should not go back very far (in 2015, with The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) to recognize him a certain efficiency in his strike force. The Gentlemen feeds on the same energy. If the first few minutes worry a little about the formal tics that are as wrung out as they are irritating (basically, I film each object mentioned in voiceover in a cut up / front traveling shot), Ritchie quickly knows how to find a balance by putting his taste for overbidding. muted, favoring what makes flesh and for which he is a talented screenwriter: the construction of characters and the setting up of a story.

#6 Drunk

Thomas Vinterberg’s problem is to have reached a very high level from his second feature film, Festen, without being able to repeat such a performance afterwards, despite a few notable works (The Hunt). Drunk, by his audacity and his ambiguities, places the filmmaker at the highest level with this soaked fable which is also a splendid film about friendship and the pain of existing. Behind his starting point, which we will agree to find a smoky bit, Drunk contemplates the half-empty (or full) glass of our lives, in the light of a society whose festive rituals have serious hints ethyls.

#7 Soul

It’s nice to see that despite the fact that Disney uses 98% of its energy and its dough today to wring out the lowest dollar of franchises or to make copy and paste, there is in the remaining 2% a few pieces of creativity and daring.

Well, that in no way makes me miss the fact that when you summarize Soul in broad outline, it remains quite predictable. It also doesn’t make me miss the fact that the supporting characters aren’t being exploited enough (like the antagonist, not really bad, but just wanting his job done right, which only shows up too much. sporadically to be of an effective presence!), that some of the characteristics that the main ones may have at certain points in the plot are not so.

#8 on the best 2020 movies list: Richard Jewell

Like the last films of Clint Eastwood, the case of Richard Jewell (Paul Walter Hauser) presents a lonely character crushed by the American system. Beyond the obese redneck out of the human hamburger pan that would shape the average American, the main character has such a physical and mental resemblance to the François Pignon played by Jacques Villeret in the Dinner of cons that it cannot be the fruit. by chance.

#9 Dark Waters

A traditional film dossier on which Americans are accustomed to exercise their effectiveness, Dark Waters is already legitimate as to its subject, namely the toxicity of products manufactured and sold on a large scale, and the culture of secrecy sacrificing human, animal and life lives. accumulating ecological disasters when it comes to profit, a new note in the great symphony of triumphant capitalism. This kind of story that once again opens the eyes of the viewer, who knows that these practices plague just about everything he touches in a supermarket, and make you want to surrender to blindness or hermitage.

#10 Little Women

Little Women is a classic in American literature. Little read on this side of the Atlantic, it could, by going quickly, be summed up in a portrait of four middle-class American girls from the end of the 19th century, with their share of difficulties, jealousy, rivalry and ultimately linked. steadfastly. It would be a shame to go so fast. Because behind the well-asserted personalities of the sweet Meg, the impulsive Jo, the devoted Beth and the proud Amy, hide young girls united by the common point of wanting to emancipate themselves in an art in adolescence, and to finding oneself undermined in its ambitions by a society where money is essential and room is made for men.

#11 Onward

An hour and a half before understanding.
An hour and a half before calling me back.
All this time waiting before suddenly that “Onward” reminds me of what usually makes me thrill so much in front of a Pixar production.
It’s not technical performance.
It’s not visual creativity.
It’s that ability, at any given moment, to convey something that is fundamentally human.

I love Pixar when he shows us Wall-E’s tender gaze at the dance steps of a graceful Gene Kelly.


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