77-year-old woman rescued by her son’s Apple Watch the same day

apple watch saves old woman

On the island of Oléron, a 77-year-old woman was able to detect her cardiac arrhythmia thanks to her connected watch, offered the same day by her son. 

A few days ago, Loïc visited his mother, Annick, on the island of Oléron. For his 77th birthday, he decides to give him a connected watch from the Apple brand. He tells BFMTV : “ Coming home from the beach, my mother was out of breath and not feeling well. His jaw was tight. The watch showed that her heart was beating too fast and detected atrial fibrillation. I also performed a test with my own Apple Watch, which showed the same result. ” According to the television channel, the family goes to the emergency room, Annick consults a cardiologist who confirms her cardiac arrhythmia and prescribes treatment to prevent a possible cardiovascular accident.

Apple boss meets family

“This health problem could have had a dramatic outcome. Somehow, it probably saved my mother, ”Loïc explains to BFMTV . The man even wrote to Tim Cook , the CEO of Apple, to thank him. The big boss answered him to “send him all his best wishes for recovery”. The Apple Watch is indeed particularly well equipped in terms of health: the object has a heart rate measurement tool, an electrocardiogram function and even a fall detector function.

In the United States, the gem of technology is so popular that Apple is in contact with insurance companies to develop applications to monitor the health of their customers. Some insurance companies also offer to reduce their prices if customers have a connected watch. Finally, rumors had circulated in 2019 on the negotiations between Apple and the American social security so that it supports part of the purchase of connected watches.


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