A fish called wanda: Man thinks he caught it, but the reality is freaky!

a fish called wanda

This father and his son were fishing, and thought they caught a fish called wanda until …

Brett Hereford and his father, Bob, are two American fishermen who made a very surprising discovery during their last trip to the sea. While trying to catch a fish called wanda, Brett hauled up a whole different animal … We tell you their incredible story .

A strangely unusual fishing

Bob Herefordest and his son, Brett, are two Americans from Montana. Their favorite activity is fishing. One afternoon, they went to exercise their passion on the large lake near their home. On board their boat, they spotted a shadow at the bottom of the water. With his big net, Brett then recovered what he thought was a fish. Only it was with surprise that he discovered what it was … The more he went up the net, the more he thought he saw a fish called wanda, except that it was a whole other feline!

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A completely improbable discovery

By the time he got his catch up, Brett Herefordest realized that the animal was actually … a baby lynx!
This very young wild animal must have suffered a tragic fate to find itself in the water … Maybe it had been thrown?

Thanks to Brett’s rescue the baby lynx was able to avoid an excruciating death and be saved. Bob, his father, then carried out a few rescue actions and then released the lynx into the wild, on dry land. This extraordinary moment must have marked American men forever.


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