Acid base balance: Here is why it is a very Big Deal

acid base balance

The acid base balance (ABB) plays an important role in the state of health. The body generally takes care of our ABB quite well, by regulating basal metabolism. However, our eating habits can lead to an imbalance that should be corrected quickly.

The causes of a bad Acid base balance

Modern life tends to disrupt our acid base balance:

  • pollution,
  • sedentary life,
  • lack of sleep,
  • bad eating habits:
  • meals too large, too late, too fast;
  • excess acidifying foods: meat, cold meats, cheese;
  • excess of sweet foods acting as acidifiers (pastries, alcohol, coffee).

A bad ABB can also result from a dysfunction of the digestive system or the organs of detoxification (liver, kidneys, lungs, skin) or of drug treatments.

The consequences of a bad acid-base balance

consequences of a bad acid base balance

Excess acidity (acidosis) is the cause of many diseases and affects nearly 90% of the population: it weakens the body and leads to inflammation, increased stress, premature aging and weight gain.

Measure the acidity level

The body’s acidity level is measured in PH. To find out your PH, there are strips of litmus paper on which you just have to spit your saliva. The acidity causes the color of the paper to change: a neutral pH will make the paper very dark. The lighter the color, the more acidic your PH. The neutral pH is set at 7.

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Restore the acid base balance

To promote alkalinization and restore the ABB, it is enough to resume good habits:

  • sleep 8 hours a night,
  • take your time to chew,
  • stop smoking,
  • eat early and light in the evening,
  • stop snacking.
acid base balance stop snacking
  • reduce the consumption of tea / coffee / alcohol,
  • walk in the fresh air,
  • enjoy a vacation in the mountains,
  • remove negative stress,
  • have daily physical activity.

You can also improve the acid base balance by consuming basic foods. Do not be fooled by the taste of food: acidic foods have an alkalizing action (increase in PH), while sugars will rather increase the body’s acidity level.

10 foods to limit : sugar, pasta, jam, white rice, meat, coffee, cocoa, honey, cold cuts, cakes.

10 recommended foods : carrot juice, potatoes, brown rice, milk, fresh butter, sprouted seeds, lemon, orange.

Good eating habits  may be insufficient in certain cases: high acidity, drug treatments, diet, etc. In these situations, it is useful to take a food supplement in minerals (calcium, sodium, potassium and manganese).

The acid base balance is essential to maintain the vital functions of your organism. It is an essential indicator of good health.


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