Adam Sandler net worth: He signed for 4 new films with Netflix

Adam Sandler net worth

Adam Sandler is an American actor, comedian and producer. Adam Sandler net worth is $420 million. The actor of “Murder Mystery”, one of Netflix’s biggest hits of 2019, will collaborate for the third time with the American giant, announced the latter. For now, no details regarding the various projects have been released by Adam Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison Productions.

Between Netflix and Adam Sandler, the story continues. The American actor will produce four feature films for the American streaming platform. Netflix and Happy Madison Productions, Adam Sandler’s production company, have extended their collaboration after the success of “Murder Mystery” with Jennifer Aniston in 2019.

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As of yet, no details regarding the films have been revealed. In addition to these four films, the actor will lend his voice for an animated film, still broadcast by Netflix.

This announcement marks the third collaboration between the actor and the American giant. In 2017, Netflix had already signed with Adam Sandler’s production company for four films. The actor joined Netflix in 2014 for the first time. His latest film, “Murder Mystery” by Kyle Newacheck which he also produced, was the most popular film on Netflix in 2019 according to the American platform which reported that 83 million households watched at least two minutes of the film. .

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In addition to these new projects, Adam Sandler will be in the cast of “Uncut Gems”, a thriller by the Safdie brothers posted online this Friday, January 31 on Netflix. The American star will soon be starring in Steven Brill’s “Hubie Halloween” alongside Kevin James, Ray Liotta, Maya Rudolph and Shaquille O’Neal. A film that will also be broadcast on Netflix but whose date has not yet been mentioned. He could also return for the second installment of “Murder Mystery” already announced.

Adam Sandler net worth is only gonna keep increasing with his Netflix movies.


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