Melania Trump age: “She has more influence than you think”

Melania Trump age
Melania Trump age

Melania Trump age as we have never seen her, this is what Laurence Haïm’s documentary offers, “Melania Trump, this obscure object of power”. Interviewed by “”, the famous journalist, specialist in American politics, tells us more about this so secret First Lady.

Laurence Haïm investigated for a year and a half in order to make the exceptional documentary Melania Trump, this obscure object of power . A film that focuses on the First Lady of the United States, young Melania Trump, who cultivates mystery, speaks little but has a lot of influence. According to the former correspondent accredited in Washington, Melania Trump is even an ideological muse.

Why did you want to make a movie about the mysterious Melania Trump?

Whenever we talk about Melania Trump at dinner or lunch there are always the same expressions on her that come up and I really wanted to know if it was just a girl who had married a billionaire or a lovely idiot like a lot of people say. I also wanted to do something other than Obama’s America.

Was it difficult to access the information?

It was very complicated. It is arguably one of the most complicated films I have made. We worked with the production house, Troisième Oeil Productions, producer Justine Planchon and editor-in-chief Marc Cantarelli who worked on Slovenia (Melania Trump’s home country). It was very difficult to get pictures. We are still lucky to have an exclusive document, a film that we unveil at the end of the documentary. We see Melania Trump taking the oath to become President of Slovenia. It’s a movie she made when she was 20. We were happy to finally have something that was not banned by the White House!

Why is the White House banning these things?

I think they want to be in absolute control of the image of Melania Trump. As soon as they feel that things can get out of hand, lead to confusion, that we can go back to their past as a model, there is a real desire from the White House to control her image and always show a very elegant and perfect Melania.

Do Melania’s origins get in the way of the White House?

No, I don’t think so at all. Melania is the successful immigrant. The storytelling is absolutely perfect for Trump’s America: the little immigrant who comes out of her hometown in Slovenia, who comes to New York, who is a supermodel, who meets a millionaire and together they arrive at the White House. On the contrary, it is the American dream.

Melania Trump age
Melania Trump age

Is Melania Trump’s silence a chosen silence?

We cannot certify it but I think it is a protective silence. The less she says, the less we talk about her. I think it’s a way to protect yourself from all possible attacks and there are really many and many violent attacks against Trump’s America.

However, she does not hesitate to speak out to defend her husband, even when he makes inappropriate and sexist remarks towards women …

That’s what surprised me. When Donald Trump spoke of these horrors, especially those of October 2016 before his election (he spoke of ” catching women by the pussy “), well Melania Trump does not denounce this. On the contrary, she gives an interview to CNN to take his defense and say that these are dressing room comments, that we should not pay attention to them. It really surprised me how much she defends her husband.

Is it really loyalty to her husband or a request from Donald Trump’s team?

We’ll never know..

In any case, she is a woman who has influence …

Yes and a lot more than you think. There have been many books on her and we realize that she has a say, that she often fights against certain advisers of the White House, a small band in particular of which she was the victim. I think when he needs an opinion other than political, Donald Trump goes to see her and asks her what she thinks. We saw it in the 2016 campaign, he listens to it. It is not only this inaccessible object of power. She has an influence on him and I think he respects her opinion.

What do the Trumpettes think of Melania Trump age?

For them, Melania is the perfect woman. She is lovely, elegant, she never says when things are going wrong and she is always behind her husband. There are many who were old Melania, that is to say intelligent women, beautiful when they were younger. They married a rich man and still stay by his side despite the difficulties of life. These Trumpettes were in any case very happy that French television was interested in them.

In fact Melania Trump age manages her image very well.

Melania Trump age

Yes. In my opinion Donald Trump gave her the means to manage it well and his way of managing his image is to be mysterious. She is also the most mysterious First Lady in American history and also the most silent. And the silence, when you are an exposed woman like her, is a plus. Finally we only look at the beautiful Melania.

Do the French have a condescending look on Melania Trump?

The French tend to stop at her beauty, while the Republicans in the United States consider her the ideal woman. Her elegance comes up in all conversions and many men make no secret of the fact that they would like to see their wives dress like her. Its softness is also very appreciated. If I had to describe her in three words I would say that she is elegant, mysterious and reserved.

Melania trump young: Could we imagine a first lady like her in France?

I think that politically Melania trump young inspires women and that there will be a movement which will develop in France where we will see very elegant, very feminine, quite sexy women who will make very conservative remarks.

In Google, the word that comes up the most when you type Melania Trump’s name is “young” and “Melania Trump age”, why do you think?

We realize that she has no wrinkles and a perfect face, that’s why eveyrone is wondering what is Melania Trump age. People are surely curious to see what she looked like and if her face was different. There has been a lot that has been said about supposed cosmetic surgeries. It is also a very American phenomenon. In New York or Washington, women over 50 no longer have wrinkles. It is something banned in American female society. People are bound to be curious and want to know how far Melania Trump age has been maintained. Thus, they just want to know how old is melania trump.

Do you regret not being able to interview her?

Obviously, but I haven’t said my last word! I still have a maintenance request in progress.

What is THE question you would have liked to ask her?

Do you still love Donald Trump?

Laurence Haïm, who can be found on LCI in the evening on Darius Rochebin’s show, will unveil the documentary Melania Trump, this obscure object of power on Monday, October 12 on, the Arte site. It will also be broadcast on the Arte channel in January at the time of the inauguration.

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