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Annihilation movie with Natalie Portman – critic

Annihilation movie

Alex Garland shot Annihilation movie for the big screen and Paramount ceded the rights to Netflix fearing it would fail, as the film was deemed too confusing and too intellectual.

Annihilation movie critic

I can understand all the disappointment of Alex Garland as his film was clearly designed to be seen in the cinema and could have marked the spectators and fans of S.F. more easily, perhaps leaving a more lasting mark.

As for me, I have not read the book that the film was originally inspired by and only saw the first trailer which revealed little but enough to intrigue me and make me see this film.


I find it to be a pure achievement.
I wasn’t expecting much from this movie (after disappointments with Netflix’s last releases of Mute movie and Cloverfield Paradox movie).

Annihilation movie is far from perfect obviously, but I still took a nice slap.
And in the end the only regret I have is that I didn’t see it in the movies.

An aesthetic slap

The visual of the film is incredible. With a film like this, it’s obvious that the artistic direction had a lot of potential and the result is great.

Annihilation movie is beautiful, some shots are striking, whether in the forest or at the very end around and in the lighthouse.

We can also draw a big parallel with Arrival on this original artistic work and overflowing with creativity but also on the sound management of the film which contributes to the atmosphere of the film.

Some narrative weaknesses

I cannot judge the adaptation of the film not knowing the book but it is a fact the film is original visually but not in terms of the script.

Obviously the way of telling the film is classic but does not bother me at all. The problem stems more from the “horrific” moments where certain moments are quite predictable and sorely lacking in tension (apart from the bear scene).

But the main thing is that despite everything, I was absorbed by the atmosphere of the film and I never dropped out of the film (which is normally much easier when you see a film at home than At the movie theater).

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Annihilation movie: A perfect ending

The big positive point of the film comes from the arrival at the lighthouse. Not only is the visual more and more magnificent and the superb sound environment amazed me even more, but in addition the work takes on a philosophical dimension in its subject after having had an ultra poetic dimension in form throughout the film.

The end of the film made me think a lot about his other work Ex-machina by offering a slightly open ending but above all that provokes reflection.

We want to see Annihilation movie again to better dissect and analyze it. And just for that, I think this film is successful.


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