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Ant Man and the Wasp movie with Paul Rudd – critic

Ant Man and the Wasp movie

We all saw that Ant Man was part of the Avengers team in Captain America: Civil War but we unfortunately saw his absence in Avengers: Infinity War. After watching the previous Marvel movie released in this year 2018, I wondered why Ant-Man was not alongside his counterparts, fighting the terrible Thanos. It is in this production which is both a sequel to the first and that of Captain America: Civil War that we discover that Ant-Man joined the Avengers, without having notified his mentor Hank and his daughter Hope, and having stolen the costume. Enough to have no more reason to don the Ant-Man costume since Doctor Hank and his daughter find themselves being pursued by the FBI, for complicity and failure to respect a political agreement. This is our critic of Ant Man and the Wasp movie.

Ant Man and the Wasp movie critic

Except that things change when Hawk and Hope find out that Scott could help them bring back the latter’s mother, forever stuck in the subatomic universe (As explained in the first). So it’s a rescue mission that takes place throughout the film except that the trio will have to face two threats: that of a network of traffickers of high-tech components and that emanating from a ghost woman. The entire feature film is therefore animated by three groups of characters, all of whom wish to appropriate or use revolutionary technology for various reasons. The kind of script written with intelligence that prevents boredom from showing up, although it tends to be a bit repetitive. It is in this sequel that Paul Rudd takes on the Ant-Man costume again, always to camp his character with as much kindness and humor quite close to that of Deadpool, with a better use of his powers than that of the first.

As expected since the end of the first one, the lovely Evangeline Lilly is back and this time around she collaborates with Scott being the Wasp. The latter is a feminine presence which is quite simply welcome. We saw what she was capable of beating monsters in the Hobbit trilogy, she does not disappoint in any way.

I found it too prominent, well enough to steal the show from Paul Rudd. Michael Douglas and Michael Peña are well integrated into the script and are very faithful to their characters. On the bad side, we have a Walton Goggins who has a very nice bad guy face but a little cliché and a remarkable Hannah John-Kamen but a little under-exploited in the role of the mysterious Ava Starr, a bad guy who needs to be mean, not for fun but for very personal reasons. A very satisfying cast, like all the rest of the feature film, as fun as the first.

Director Peyton Reed seems to have taken good care of Ant Man and the Wasp movie. He had really surprised us with his vision of things and that of the powers of restriction in the first. He took this sequel one step further, shrinking not just characters but also a building and cars, with an unimaginable foray into the subatomic universe.

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Although I find it slightly inferior to the first, this sequel has not been overlooked. Well-tuned action scenes, well-integrated special effects, tightly maintained tension, very good scriptwriting ideas and even more offbeat humor than the first, that’s all it took to surprise me, with Premium images honoring the shrinking powers’ abilities and an unpredictable little connection to Avengers: Infinity Wars. Can’t wait to see Ant-Man and the Wasp in action.


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