Apple unveils the most beautiful night photos taken on the iPhone 11

apple iphone night shot

After a contest to take the best night photo with an iPhone 11, Apple announced the winners.  

The Apple company presented Monday the six winners of its photography competition which aimed to take the “best night photo”, with its latest devices, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Among thousands of entries, six caught the attention of the jury, made up of professional photographers.

It is not known according to what criteria the ten judges selected the winning photos. In their comments, issued under each shot, we see that they praise, on numerous occasions, the prowess of “night mode”. IPhone 11 automatically activates this feature when the camera detects low-light situations. But it is possible to use it manually.


Photos to promote Apple

The winners, from China, India, Russia and Spain, have full licensing rights and will have their work featured on billboards, in Apple Stores or on the brand’s website. with apple. Nice communication stunt from Apple which uses the creativity and talent of its customers to bring its brand to life. The six winning photos can be viewed in our slideshow.


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