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Aquaman movie with Jason Momoa & Amber Heard – critic

Aquaman movie

Bad news for you, I’m definitely not the kind of person who would best criticize such a demented blockbuster like this for the simple reason that I have always loved these superb, polished productions that put our eyes on us. I will all the same bring my analysis of cinephile and provide you with what really amazed me during the viewing of Aquaman movie. Firstly, this production was a real visual surprise which amazed me to the highest point. I did not expect to see such a result as I feared I would experience a similar disappointment to that felt before Justice League. Fortunately, this is not the case at all, my record is almost the same as that of other films in the DC universe such as Wonder Woman or Man of Steel.

Aquaman movie critic

I blamed this production for the lack of a solid introduction from three members of the awesome superhero squad. Unlike Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg didn’t each have an achievement that put them forward, I was a bit confused while watching Justice League because I didn’t know anything about them. Now after viewing this achievement, I know who Aquaman is, where he’s from, how he grew up, and what his powers are.

Aquaman movie was entrusted to the Asian director James Wan, an artist renowned for the implementation of horror films like Saw or Conjuring and who has proven himself in blockbusters by making the seventh installment of the Fast & Furious franchise. If we look at the filmmaker’s productions with great attention, we note a much more than adequate quality of production, an ease of telling quite obvious stories and total control of the camera to bring out as many sensations as possible. Aquaman is no exception to the rule. On the contrary, I find that the director has gone above and beyond to offer us an exemplary, efficient and purely explosive production.

The filmmaker had to complete the following challenge, shooting realistic and compelling aquatic scenes. It was impossible to shoot scenes in water, the technological equipment used in film shoots was not designed for that. Suddenly, there was a huge amount of work that went into filming scenes in natural settings, integrating digital visual effects and using pools filled with water. From what I have seen, the result is simply irreproachable, the magnificence of the scenery and the realism of the attacking movements of the characters are two major assets of this achievement which exceeds expectations, without omitting an enrichment of the flora and incredibly breathtaking aquatic fauna.

The aquatic universe is exploited on all points, it’s like watching a Star Wars, but in an aquatic version so much that there is a lot to learn about this well-supplied environment. In terms of the casting, I am very satisfied. Looking at him like that, Jason Momoa seems like a cool actor who likes to have a good time, he seems to take great pleasure in popping nasty faces and has a slight sense of self-mockery that make his character particularly endearing. He’s definitely the kind of artist who will join his fellow Dwayne Johnson in providing some punchy entertainment in the coming days.

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Patrick Wilson, Nicole Kidman and Willem Dafoe are artists who put their roles wonderfully and I especially loved the interpretation of actress Amber Heard in her role of the majestic Princess Mera. She squarely breaks the cliché of the woman who falls in love with the hero from the first meeting. She stands up to her companion, she is ambitious, suspicious and fearless, that changes a lot from what we are used to seeing these days. Plus, she looks gorgeous in her dark green scaly bodycon jumpsuit and with her red hair, I won’t hide from you that I almost fell in love with her. The storyline unfolds in a fairly logical fashion, the pace between the conversation scenes and the fights is undeniably catchy.

The fighting scenes of Aquaman movie are filmed in an adequate way to take full advantage of every second of nagging and dynamic entertainment, we note well-found ideas to bring a lot of originality in each hectic scene such as the well-made transitions between Aquaman and Mera during of the attack in Sicily. Obviously, a message on ecology and on the shameful acts of humanity towards the Ocean is inserted in the scenario, it is not abused and even Aquaman allows himself to say that we are ruled by idiots ( Which is somewhat true by the way!). This is the perfect kind of big budget production that Warner Studios should be doing more of.


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