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Avengers Infinity War movie with Chris Evans – critic

Avengers Infinity War movie

Ten years. Ten years ago, therefore, we discovered Iron Man, a new superhero with immediate success, contrasting drastically with the failures of other films of the decade such as Daredevil or Catwoman. This time, Marvel Studios have a serious idea in mind and the start is ideal. 17 films later, finally comes one of the major milestones of a whole cinematographic universe with a completely new approach, an ambitious project which raised expectations, fears and indignation. This is our critic of Avengers Infinity War movie.

Avengers Infinity War movie critic

Tired and desperate to see so many superhero films taking up so much space in our theaters and in the common imagination, some can no longer support these popcorn films which monopolize the heights of the box office. We cannot blame them. Infinity War, this immense ogre, had to bring together all these symbolic heroes that have been presented to us over the past ten years to face an unprecedented threat, already foreshadowing many records in terms of budget and revenue. I’ve always loved Marvel, without being a fan either, to the point where I ended up dropping out for a while. But seeing them all over the past two months, I have been able to better understand the coherence of this universe and generate expectation around this film which, yes, holds its place perfectly and has completely excited me.

Marvel, or how to unleash passions

It’s always a little difficult these days in the movie world to come to terms with loving a Marvel movie. Quite simply because these films often have a very bad press, their image is reduced to empty and uninteresting entertainment, soulless cinematographic monsters devouring the brains of the spectators as well as the share of many good films which deserve more space in our theaters. It’s not entirely wrong in a way, but it’s not really fair either. Marvel films are first and foremost part of a cinematic phenomenon that spanned our decade and marked a generation, as westerns did in the 50s and 60s. They are not there just for fun, they testify to a trend, to a particular sociological and cinematographic context, questioning heroism and the search for role models in our society.

Bringing together 40 heroes, or the importance of a film’s narrative structure

The biggest challenge Avengers Infinity War movie faced was, without a doubt, being able to bring together so many heroes in one feature film. Most of them have already had their own origin story, or even a saga entirely dedicated to them. Of course, the big question since the announcement of this project has been how to avoid nameless mess and overdose. It is clear, during the course of the film, that the challenge seems well taken up. Like most films in the genre, the plot follows a common thread, but it is divided into several subplots, judiciously distributing the characters in each of them, to create associations, twists, and to have the possibility of giving importance to each of them.

This reunion for the salvation of the universe is in a way a sort of digest of all that the previous films have offered. There are side stories that aim to feed the main storyline and spark more and more interest, much like what every Marvel movie has done to date in the pursuit of Infinity War. Without ever betraying the tone and character of each character, the film manages to combine all these heroes, always cutting at the right time, managing to chain without error of rhythm and gradually raise the tension.

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Thanos, the unveiling of a real villain worthy of the name

Of course, when you think of Infinity War, you think of all these heroes coming together, but let’s not forget what it is for: to prevent Thanos from destroying the universe. What we saw of him looked like a destructive despot, a lost king, a phantom menace, sending his minions on a quest for the Infinity Stones. Finally, the portrait of Thanos drawn in Infinity War is much more nuanced and interesting. The Avengers antagonist takes a very important place in the story, he is even the main character. The Russo Brothers understood that in order for the film to be of real interest, the ultimate villain had to be given proper treatment. And, finally, we discover a character quite different from what one might think, much less cruel and Manichean than expected.

Granted, Thanos hits and kills in his path, but he never does it gratuitously. He responds to blows but is rarely the first to strike. Its primary purpose is, through the Infinity Stones, to restore balance in the Universe by eliminating half of the life forms that inhabit it, to eradicate famines and all the problems associated with overpopulation. Naturally, we see an obvious parallel with the problem of the human population which grows by following a galloping growth, inducing problems of inequality and poverty in the world, where millions or even billions of human beings cannot support themselves. needs due to lack of resources.

The Russo brothers don’t invent anything since this motivation is directly taken from the comics, but it induces a real reflection, and the final intentions of Thanos make that, despite the obviously destructive aspect of this process, he is not there to destroy for fun, but to serve a cause close to his heart. Pushed to his limits, invincible, he nurtures a paradoxical mixture of terror and compassion throughout the film, perfectly judicious to make the outcome of certain scenes uncertain and fuel an intelligent antagonism.

Marvel, a well-oiled machine

On the form, Avengers Infinity War movie does not break the codes. The film, more daring in the subject and turn of events, is less surprising in terms of effects and visuals. Of course, the film is not lacking in pretty finds and impressive scenes, it would be absurd to deny the fact that it is a real spectacle, which takes us around various and often spectacular and colorful settings. In addition, the film allows itself some clever tricks, especially with the Stone of Reality. However, the Russo brothers remain on a very classic format, without much risk taking, in a new avalanche of green backgrounds, with some small false notes, which however remain anecdotal and, it must be said, it is not especially on the shape you would expect from a Marvel. However, we keep in mind some spectacular passages which do not fail to provoke some chills in the spectator.

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On the tone, Infinity War was also expected. Where the first Avengers and Civil War were serious, solemn, the last Marvel films, in particular Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man or Thor: Ragnarok had opted for a sudden turn to a lighter tone, changing into action comedies. Since then, humor seems inseparable from the Marvel Universe, but the question was: what was Infinity War going to be like? Once again, we have to admit that the dosage is quite well managed, the film proving to be dramatic in its entirety, relatively serious, allowing itself however a few humorous gags and lines, but always in the right tempo, and without abuse of. Here, the right compromise between serious and relaxed finally seems to have been found.


Four months ago, I was neither hot nor cold when Avengers Infinity War movie was released. As I watched the films of the Marvel Universe again, my interest gradually grew, turning into a certain impatience. The expectations were there, more than high considering everything the MCU has been building over the past decade. And the bet is won hands down. Infinity War is arguably the best Marvel Universe movie created to date, a colossal spectacle that leaves the viewer no respite, delivering an antagonist worthy of the name, with nuance and clever treatment, perfectly dosing seriousness. and humor, well enough constructed to never be too heavy or too light.

Although it lasts two and a half hours, time flies at breakneck speed – a sign of a successful session. Without question, Infinity War is a success. Perhaps not a cinematic masterpiece, it is true, but the guarantee of top-notch entertainment, showing that Marvel still has some under the sole, and only increasing our impatience for the arrival. more next year.


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