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Bad Times at the El Royale movie with Jeff Bridges – critic

Bad Times at the El Royale movie

Bad Times at the El Royale movie marks the return of director Drew Goddard to the big screen who until now had only directed one The Cabin in the Woods movie, and a few series like The Good Place and Daredevil, basically. it’s not too bad at all!

Bad Times at the El Royale movie critic

The production is of excellent content, armed with a thoughtful, referenced, and ingenious staging supported by an inventive and formidable scenario. A technique of plan, frame, and skillful and quality filming.

The story confers two very distinct acts, the first takes us into an investigation marked by very ingenious breaks in time, where we go from one room to another while returning all the way to the same starting point, in order to have a more in-depth examination of the protagonists who deliver their real goals in small doses, conferring a highly mysterious atmosphere that effectively sweeps the viewer.

Each of the characters keeps a disturbing secret that leads to a malicious intention of investigation where each component is very well quintessential with subtlety, all embellished with relevant and skillful flashbacks.
An esoteric allegory that brings its share of enigma and uncertainty that can play with, all provided with a rather heavy atmosphere that worries. The OST is one of the nicest, referring to many well-known rock and drunk songs, which it feels great to hear again. We are also entitled to an original score that is quite thin and tense for the darker phases of the enigma, which perfectly embellishes and feeds the stress.

The narration of Bad Times at the El Royale movie is also of quality conferring loquacious and bulletin board texts neither too long nor too concise, a perfect mixture which never ceases to question us about what will happen from one room to another, bringing in itself always more questions. . A suspense and a permanent tension which makes very good and calls on our own faculty of analysis.

We know from the start that something is wrong with this Hotel, we cannot put our finger on it but it can be felt, there is a problem. In this, the main element of this film comes of course from the El Royal hotel, superbly directed by the filmmaker, who plays perfectly with him. We present it as a unique building, to say the least, with its border between California and Nevada separating it from a broad red line, where the architecture and decoration come to change from one state to another. A conjecture that brings a good touch of authenticity.

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The decorations are superb, every detail counts, whether it is the well-scaffolded common room, the bar, the rooms, even the parking lot and its cars, everything is well designed all accentuated by the 60 / 70’s era which brings a singular design and bursting all served as a darker hidden area where most of the abuse and other more servile acts bring more darkness to this ingenuity. A contrast that will quickly bring the place to become a theater of horrors.

The second part, which arrives at a little more than half of the feature film, goes more quickly to the essentials, having revealed most of the characters’ pasts and grouped together the various scriptwriting elements which leads to explanatory scenes sacrificing his anxiety a little. of the unknown, but still keeping under the foot some revelations and other surprising sequences.

The cast of Bad Times at the El Royale movie is excellent and very persuasive!

We are entitled to a nice skewer of comedian who seems really happy to team up because the current goes very well between them. Jeff Bridges as usual shows a crazy charisma with his gruff face which embodies a divinely contrasted priest.

We also find Dakota Johnson who finally demonstrates something other than 50 Shades films. Anyway, let’s move on, she plays a pretty badass character who has it in her stomach and who surprised me enough in her treatment, not the role of the century I agree but at least it’s exhilarating.

Cynthia Erivo who I absolutely did not know is a superb revelation, I enjoyed myself in each of her scenes where I have a subtle wordy vocabulary and a striking presence. I will follow her closely and in addition she sings beautifully.

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And then comes Chris Hemsworth who is … how to say … delectably delusional! In this role which takes the wrong way, he embodies a guru to the swaying to say the least surprising and comical leading to a good number of burlesque sequences but also violent and stressful. I’m not a fan of this actor but strong and to see that he did strong, he manages perfectly to juggle a stupid guy with suddenly a guy with a scary face.

The rest of the cast is doing just as well, no bad news to report.

Bad Times at the El Royale movie is a great discovery that is good to see! Offering an innovative and original story serving a suspense beautifully illustrated by a heavy and mysterious atmosphere. Drew Goddard has shown efficiency with his superbly crafted thriller, making way for a gallery of very well characterized and embodied actors. Excellent !!!


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