Balanced diet: lose fat without depriving yourself

balanced diet

A diet is often synonymous with deprivation. But who says deprivation, food restrictions, also says weight gain. This is called the yoyo effect, well known to diet addicts. Do you want to lose weight permanently or only lose a few pounds that you will resume immediately after stopping your diet? If you chose the first, then a balanced diet is key.

The removal of certain nutrients leads to an imbalance that the body compensates as soon as it is supplied with the removed nutrients again. In addition, the diet is a period during which we have decided to deprive ourselves and which we put an end to, from one day to the next, often out of weariness … and we hasten to resume our old eating habits, the same ones that had caused the overweight.

So run away from severe diets, deprivation, and imbalance. Adopt a healthy and balanced diet : learn to eat everything without excess. And you will definitely eliminate your overweight problems.

Goodbye deprivation, hello balanced diet

A varied diet is a diet that will provide you with all the nutrients your body needs:

fruits and vegetables will provide you with fiber, vitamins and minerals – one raw vegetable and one cooked vegetable with each meal will fill your stomach with few calories.

slow carbohydrates will provide you with fiber and energy that your body needs during the day – limit their consumption in the evening and prefer whole ones.

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balanced diet protein meat fish

proteins (fish, poultry, horse, nonfat beef, pork and sheep meat) help to rebuild muscle; increase their consumption and you will redraw your silhouette. Dairy products are proteins (however, be careful with the amount of fat contained in cheese in particular). Pulses contain both protein and carbohydrates, so they can fall into both categories.

water, the only food essential for life – divide your weight by 40 and you will know how much you need to provide your body each day.

Balance is key during the whole day:

– 3 meals to be distributed throughout the day.
– do not skip meals.
– do not reserve.
– eat a little lighter in the evening.

This is a good start for a gentle resumption of good eating habits and thus avoiding the classic diet, which will be followed for sure by a yoyo effect.

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