Ben Affleck net worth: who’s richer, him or ex Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck net worth

Never very funny, a divorce. Even if, in the case of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, it’s not just a matter of painfully sharing a few trinkets, but a pretty bundle of dollars. That is to say a fortune estimated at 115 million dollars, accumulated during their ten years together. But, what is Ben Affleck net worth?

Ben Affleck net worth

Surprise: if the acting career of Jennifer Garner ultimately has few great successes but a few nice moments like Dallas Buyers Club in 2013, she has won in a decade more than enough to boil the pot. That is the tidy sum of 40 million dollars, largely supplied by juicy advertising contracts with Neutrogena and the bank Capital One.

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As for her ex-husband Ben Affleck, he was able to get out of the mess in which his career had stuck in the mid-2000s by converting to directing . With public and critical successes like Gone Baby Gone (2007), The Town (2010) and especially Argo in 2013, covered with Oscars. Not to mention his participation in Gone Girl by David Fincher in 2014 and its future appearance in the blockbuster DC Comics Batman vs Superman in which he succeeded Christian Bale in the role of the man bat. Result, $ 75 million on the clock.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: Their house sold a fortune to a singer …

As reported by the American site TMZ , Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have sold their property located in the Pacific Palisades district of Los Angeles. The buyer is none other than the singer of the group Maroon 5 , Adam Levine.

The 39-year-old artist has therefore put his hand in the wallet to afford the house of the hero of Batman and the star of Elektra , who officially divorced last November following their separation dating back to 2015. The site reports that ‘ Adam Levine, married to model Behati Prinsloo , bought the mansion at the end of 2018 for $ 32 million. An astronomical sum for the artist since the latter’s fortune is estimated at a maximum of 90 million. No doubt he used the 18 million dollars linked to the sale of his own house , bought by John Mayer a few months ago …

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The house acquired by the singer has a surface area of ​​1,500 m², spread over three wings, and notably includes a cinema room, an artistic studio, a swimming pool, a gym or even a basketball court. On the property, 12,000 m², there is also an outbuilding for guests, where Ben Affleck was staying at the time of his divorce …


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