Ben Affleck Tattoos: slamed by ex Jenifer Lopez on TV

ben affleck tattoos

In 2004, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck went their separate ways. More than ten years after her separation from the famous actor, the singer let loose about Ben Affleck tattoos.

Jennifer Lopez , 46, is out with Ben Affleck from 2002 to 2004. The couple had canceled the wedding at the last minute, citing “too much attention from the media” . Even though they are no longer together, the singer still has opinions about her former fiance, especially regarding the huge tattoo he wears on his back. “It’s horrible! What did he do ? ,” she asked on the set of Watch What Happens Live! Monday night, when shown to her. His tattoos are still full of colors, they shouldn’t be so colorful. They should be cooler. “ Besides his huge phoenix, Ben Affleck tattoos a dolphin on his hip, barbed wire on his arm, a fish with a skull on his right arm, and several initials on the scapula.

Jennifer Lopez opinion on Ben Affleck back tattoos

Jennifer Lopez is not the only one to criticize him, since his other ex, Jennifer Garner , from whom he separated in June 2015 after 10 years of marriage, has also made fun of his tattoos in the columns of Vanity magazine Fair . She hopes the phoenix doesn’t refer to their relationship. “A phoenix rising from its ashes. Am I the ashes in this scenario? I take it wrong. I refuse to be the ashes,” she commented, smiling.

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To the wall

But the breakup of the powercouple (for officially unknown reasons), announced in 2015, signals the beginning of the end. If the divorce will not be recorded before October 5, 2018, it is moreover because “Jennifer wants to make sure that her children will be in good hands with their father before finalizing anything”. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck revealed his alcoholism on Facebook . “An addiction that I had to face in the past and that I will continue to face”, he delivers in March 2017, after “a first cure, the first step on a long road to recovery”. Road that is extended with the Weinstein scandal and the Me Too movement which spare me not Ben Affleck. Accused by Rose McGowan to have been aware of the actions of the producer, he is also pinned by several women for touching and inappropriate behavior, videos to support.

ben affleck tattoos

This explains that, he resigned for a new session of “rehab” in October 2017. Lindsay Shookus, the producer of the show “Saturday Night Live” who shared her life until last July, had decidedly badly chosen her moment. The new girlfriend, 22-year-old “Playboy” model named Shauna Sexton, is doing no better. Ben Affleck began his third curative treatment on August 22, 2018 at the Canyon Treatman Center in Los Angeles.

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The third time will be the good one, it seems. The actor thus celebrated, on Thursday August 22, a year of sobriety. “Ben is in an excellent phase of recovery and his life,” an anonymous source told People magazine . He always wants to be the best father and friend he can be. ” It must be said that the hero of Pearl Harbor can count on his entourage:” The relationship of Ben and Jen is strong, “continues the anonymous witness. She is very supportive of him and they really work together to be the best parents for their children. ” After years of turmoil, Ben Affleck seems – finally – to have found a new balance.

Better in his head and in his skin (Ben Affleck back tattoos)?

After having known some difficult episodes and in particular his battle against alcoholism , Ben Affleck is better and takes advantage of his interview with Ellen DeGeneres to confide: “I feel at the top. My children are in good shape. Life is good, even if recently I had trouble … There, things are going well, and I am grateful!” 

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The star of “The Ellen show” then takes the opportunity to ask him the fateful question about the nature of the mythological creature which “rises from his buttocks”. Amused, the actor of 46 years answers then: “I like it and it has meaning for me. Even though it received negative comments, I love it! ”


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