Best time to buy a TV: Stuff that most people ignores

Best time to buy a TV

A question often comes up when buying a television: when and where to buy it at the best price? We will try to answer this question and reveal tips for the best time to buy a TV.

Best time to buy a TV: Tips that most people don’t know about

The television market is very cyclical and it is possible to do very good business if you arm yourself with a little patience. It is obviously the top-of-the-range models that benefit from the most significant discounts. Oled models are of course affected, but not only, since high-end LCD TVs from Sony and Samsung (Qled) are also subject to discounts which can reach 50% at end of life compared to the introductory price. The manufacturers’ room for maneuver is less interesting on entry-level models, even if certain discounts are sometimes interesting.

In general, buying a television when it comes out is the insurance to pay a high price and it is better to bet on the high-end models of the previous year, at the end of their life and which often benefit from very attractive discounts. To buy a good TV, it is better to aim for one of the three key periods: Black Friday at the end of November, the renewal of the range from March and to a lesser extent during the sales – but the good ones cases remain much rarer over this last period, stocks having often been sold before.

Black Friday is indeed the best time to buy a TV

The Black Friday offers are the most interesting and it’s basically the best time to buy a TV.

The most attractive discounts on televisions are during the Black Friday period. For two years now, there has been a real escalation between the different manufacturers to find out who will offer the best offer during these few days. The promotion is often launched on Black Friday, sometimes even as early as Thursday, and often continues until Cyber ​​Monday (the following Monday).

Best time to buy a TV

Some examples: In November 2018, the Panasonic TX-55FZ800 television was sold for € 1,559 by a third-party Amazon seller and it was possible to benefit from € 400 reimbursement by Panasonic, ie a final price of less than € 1,200. Fnac also offered the Panasonic TX-55FZ830 (a 55FZ800 with the 55FZ950 remote control) at € 1,700 and the latter also benefited from the ODR (reimbursement offer) of € 400, ie a final price of € 1,300. As a reminder, this television was marketed in May 2018, six months before Black Friday, at a price of € 2,300, or a final saving of almost € 1,000 on the list price.

Another striking promotion, the Sony KD-49XF9005 – the best TV under 50 inches on the market – was sold for € 899 during this period while it was launched at € 1,500 in March 2018.

Finally, the Oled LG 55B8 television also saw its price barred over this period. This model was for example sold € 1,299 by Darty and Fnac while it was sold € 2,000 when it was released in July 2018. Fnac also offered the LG 55B8S, a lighter version of the 55B8, for only € 1,199.

The range renewal from March

Something relatively unknown to the general public, television manufacturers renew their range every year, generally between February and June, mechanically driving out the old models of the previous year from the catalog. This seasonality logically leads to promotions and destocking on old models. The immediate discount is not very exceptional since the price of televisions naturally tends to go down throughout the year, but the price reaches a floor which will be difficult to break down. Some end-of-life models are sold at the price displayed on Black Friday, which once again confirms the importance of this event in the television segment. That’s another best time to buy a TV.

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These two TVs, Sony KD-49XF9005 and Sony KD-49XG9005, are identical and differ only in their feet: one is the 2018 model on the left, the other is the 2019 model. The Sony KD-49XF9005 is for example displayed at less than 900 € at the moment (La Redoute and Iacono); this is the best price observed since Black Friday in November 2018, and this is quite normal since this television will be replaced by the Sony KD-49XG9005 from 2019. The latter is identical in all respects and there is only feet that change.

However, the Sony 49XG9005 will be sold at a high price when it comes out, or around € 1,500. If you want to crack, now is the right time. The same goes for the LG 55B8 television: it is currently sold for less than € 1,400 by some sellers (Villatech, Iacono), and also less than € 1,500 at Boulanger, Fnac, Darty. The price is not as good as on Black Friday, but it comes very close. This model will not be replaced immediately since its successor, the LG 55B9, is not expected before June.

The 2018 Samsung Qled 65Q9F is also sold for between € 2,130 and € 2,300, whereas it was launched at € 4,000 in June 2018. This is also the case for the 55-inch, the Samsung 55Q9F 2018 sold for € 1,500 against 3 000 € when it was launched last year. At this price, it is a good alternative to Oled televisions thanks to its very high peak brightness which is particularly suitable for a room bathed in light.

One-off sales and promotions

To a lesser extent, sales also allow you to take advantage of discounts on televisions, but they are often less interesting than Black Friday or more generally the renewal of the product; that’s the best time to buy a TV. On the other hand, manufacturers sometimes make very interesting one-off offers to boost sales.

The Samsung UE55NU7105 television – a good entry-level model – sold for around € 500 last October. Since then, this model has still sold for over € 600, even with the arrival of the 2019 RU series replacing the 2018 NU series. The offer also concerned the Samsung UE55NU7405, identical, but with a remote control. It was therefore a very good one-off and unpredictable offer.

More generally, supermarkets and hypermarkets offer crossed out prices from time to time. Some Leclerc hypermarkets have sold the LG 55B8V television for only € 999, but these offers remain very rare. This is not a national promotion, but a single store initiative, very difficult to predict. Specialty stores like Cobra, Connexion, Son-Video, etc. also offer very attractive prices and are often open to negotiation.


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