Beyoncé: this amazing activity that she loves and that she just revealed

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In her interview for Vogue , Beyoncé makes a surprising revelation: at home, she has beehives in order to produce honey. She explains herself.

When we talk about Beyoncé, we immediately think of the terms “star” , “rhinestones and sequins” or “silver”. But the singer is a much simpler person than one could imagine . Indeed, she has just revealed to Vogue UK , which she covered in December, that she owned bees at home .

And this is not a joke ! “I know it came out of nowhere, but I have two hives. Real hives. I have had them in my house for a long time now. I have about 80,000 bees and we make hundreds of jars of honey every year. “ , she confided. But why would such a big star produce honey?

The reason is simple and it is the main interested party who speaks about it: “I took hives because of my daughters, Blue and Rumi. They both have terrible allergies and honey has countless healing properties” . A secret that will earn Beyoncé the new nickname … Queen Bee! A nickname that can be translated as “Queen Bee”, which is derived from her well-known nickname, Queen B. (The B. being for Beyoncé).

What education given to her children?

In Vogue, Jay-Z’s wife took the opportunity to talk about the education given to her children , 8-year-old Blue Ivy , and Rumi and Sir, her 3-year-old twins. “I felt it was important to raise and praise our boys and make sure they grow up with enough movies, children’s books and music that promote emotional intelligence, self-worth and our rich history, ” she said.

Education made complicated in the current context. But Beyoncé is very attentive to her children, especially her older one: ” I listen more. Blue is very intelligent, and she understands that there is a change, but it is my duty as a parent. to do my best to make her world as positive and safe as possible for an eight year old. I let my children know that they are never too young to help change the world . 


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