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Blindspotting movie with Daveed Diggs – critic

Blindspotting movie

Very nice surprise that this Blindspotting movie. No wonder he won the Critics’ Prize in early September at the last Deauville Festival. Bittersweet chronicle of ordinary racism, “Blindspotting” opens our eyes wide and devastates hearts. However, with a very original approach and point of view.

Blindspotting movie critic

Our protagonists live in Oakland (city where the Black Panther Party was founded) and see their curdled neighborhood becoming insidiously gentry. To their great displeasure. Organic, vegan, healthy, even their crappy fast food and their neighborhood boui-boui absorb these changes that deny their identity, spitting in their face. Before exclusion was on the color of skin, now it will be for the money.

The often rapped dialogues hit the mark, sometimes funny, sometimes bitter, they have the effectiveness of bullets fired at close range. Some scenes grab your guts, twisting them threatening your tear glands while others full of energy and contained anger make you want to jump in your seat.

The characters of Blindspotting movie are really neat and extremely well embodied, due as much to the writing skills as to the interpretation of the actor duo who viscerally embody their roles. Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal play respectively Collin the black and Miles the white brilliantly. If they’re so imbued with their characters and the city of Oakland, it’s because they wrote the script and they are from it.

Cynical but touching, the film mixes scenes of contemplation of a moving world and scenes of exposure (of explosions?) Of the daily life of a thug. Indeed, Carlos Lopez Estrada’s camera accompanies Collin in his last days of parole. At the slightest misstep he will go back to prison for a long time and it is this constant tension that plagues his days and our nerves as spectators.

As tender as a marshmallow in its treatment but violent in its words, Blindspotting is also about the acceptance of one’s identity. Whether you are white or black. And strikingly highlights the visceral fear of being black in a society where being can lead to death.

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You can’t help but think of Spike Lee’s early films as the lineage is so obvious. With a necessarily more contemporary point of view. The director understands his time so well.

Blindspotting movie is the last bubble of freshness of a 2018 summer that bowed out before letting us sink into an autumn that is shaping up to be dark and icy; so, don’t shy away from your pleasure.


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