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Boating usa: the first recreational hydrogen superyacht

boating usa

Still at the concept stage, the new Sinot Yacht Architect & Design project is already making a lot of talk. So much so that Bill Gates was once suspected of being the sponsor (boating usa). Powered by clean technology, “Aqua” is unlike anything that has ever been done. Besides its technology, its luxury is beyond reality.

Recreational boating usa: the first of its kind

Shortly after its presentation at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2019, the rumor spread: Bill Gates is said to be behind this extravagant project. It is quickly denied (“factually inaccurate information,” Sander Sinot said), but the futuristic concept of “Aqua” has not lost its appeal as it is incredible and promising in its design of propulsion. Electric motors, powered by the chemical reaction between pressurized hydrogen and oxygen in the air. Because even luxury boats are thinking about their energy transition. However, hydrogen “fuel” is likely to replace oil in the years to come for large planes and ships of the same size.

As such, and more than the other futuristic yacht concepts that never see the light of day, “Aqua” could well have a real sponsor. Because it would be truly unique in the world. And we know the super-rich particularly sensitive to the “uniqueness” of their toys … But this one, by its technology but also by its breathtaking design, will not look like any other. From the “master bedroom” offering an endless view to the bow of the boat, a spiral staircase running over the 5 deck heights allows you to see, behind a reinforced glass window, the two gigantic hydrogen tanks, a double hull interspersed with glazing, a cascading swimming pool, a gym open to the ocean… The release of the next James Bond has (again) been postponed, but the design of the “bad guy” boat already exists in any case.

“Water is the eternal fuel of life”

Paris Match. How did you create this concept?
Sander Sinot. The environmental concern can no longer be ignored. The propulsion of yachts and the choice of fuel are therefore becoming a major issue. This is why we have come up with a new concept with Lateral Naval Architects: using a hydrogen-electric system capable of supplying all that is needed on board with energy. Before designing a new ship, we ask ourselves several questions, including this one: “Why build a new yacht?” This one really makes sense.

Using water as a source of energy for a boat just makes sense …
Exactly. Water covers 71% of the globe. It is the eternal fuel of life, which makes our planet habitable. She is gentle but also able to slice through the hardest rocks thanks to her persistence and patience. “Aqua” has been designed to allow those who will be on board to be as close to the water as possible, by creating a whole series of platforms cascading towards the sea.


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