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Nowadays, smartphones are everywhere. Some people even have more than one. To entertain their owners, the publishers of mobile applications have decided to bring video games to mobiles. This way, gamers can enjoy it anywhere, anytime, anytime. The idea is good, the results followed. Some publishers have managed to make a name for themselves after winning over gamers through engaging and even captivating applications. This is the case of Korean Com2uS, which has created a large audience after the release of Summoners War: Sky Arena , in 2014. Since then, many mobile games have followed, such as Chain Strike, a tactical RPG which wanted to bring a strategic dimension to its universe, borrowed from chess. Is it worth downloading? We tell you everything.


First, whether on iOS or Android, you will need to download the application. First point, the latter is free. A good point ? Yes. But who says free, says micro-transactions. A point to which we will come back later. Once the loading screen has passed, it’s time for the home screen. The latter, relatively uncluttered, speaks for itself. Your resources are located at the top of the screen, while interaction with the various menus is at the bottom. The interface is sober, explicit and above all, does not contain any icons of any kind. To access the game modes, nothing could be simpler, follow the instructions on the screen and swipe up. After a light traveling, we are facing the heart of the game. 


If you were to be in an amusement park, this is where the line up for the roller coaster would start. Don’t worry, you get VIP access, drastically reducing the wait to a few milliseconds. Joking aside, as you may have noticed, there are several game modes in front of you. Not all of them are unlocked from the start and you will have to face the Adventure mode to manage to get your hands on them. The bosses, in addition to offering you a choice challenge, depending on your Guardians, will give you access to great rewards. In this area, the game is generous. Especially since as you progress gently in the Adventure mode, you will unlock several Guardians for free. One way to advance the scenario, pleasant although classic.


Now is the time for combat. To fight, you can rely on your Guardians. These characters, diverse and varied, opt for multiple designs. Some will be human, others will be blobs or goblins, and still others will be skeletons. Obviously, who says Guardian, says abilities. Again, your characters will have several, 4 to be precise. Skills can be divided into two categories: attack skills and support skills.

Attack skills will be present to inflict maximum damage to one or more opponents. Those of support will take care of inflicting a penalty on an enemy, such as silence, or will aim to boost the statistics of your team, or heal your Guardians. Skills have cooldowns, so it may be important to be careful when using them.


Skills, although they are your only means of attack, are only part of Chain Strike’s combat sequences . And for good reason, the player must take into account other factors. The main one is the combination attacks. Quesako? As the name suggests, combo attacks combine the attacks of several of your Guardians. Incredible isn’t it. To successfully activate one, the target enemy must be within range of several of your Guardians.

Easy you say? Additional difficulty, each Guardian will be linked to a chess piece. Depending on the piece, its movements and range will correspond to the corresponding piece: king, queen, knight, bishop or rook. However, each Guardian can be obtained for each room. Owning a Guardian linked to two different pieces will grant you a 5% bonus, 20% if you have all the possibilities. The collection brings a plus, but only depends on your luck.


At first, you will feel like you are rolling over your enemies. However, the feeling quickly flies once the first levels are passed. Bosses can be tricky, and sometimes you’ll have to retry a fight a few times to overcome it. Don’t worry about that, the game won’t allow you to be blocked for too long. Between the rewards of the challenges, the quests, the daily rewards, you will have lots and lots of resources to collect. Unfortunately, the option “recover all” not being present, you will have to recover them one by one. 


To occupy you, in addition to the Adventure mode, you will be able to confront several modes of play. The PvP is present and opposes you to different players. Victories will earn you victory points and glory points, the latter of which can be spent in the associated store for various rewards. To win you will have to destroy the enemy Nexus, your enemies will have to destroy yours. To make it harder for them, in exchange for glory points, you can increase the stats of your Nexus. For their part, PvE lovers will be served. Gigantic bosses dropping set items, lambdas enemies, but who hit hard, the menu card is full and you just have to choose. 


Chain Strike is a great mobile game. Varied and imposing content, PvP, PvE, many game modes, interesting mechanics and a lifespan worthy of a mobile game. To overcome it, do not count the months. The entire game can be defeated for free, the game not being stingy on rewards. The difficulty is increasing when the bosses represent a real challenge requiring you to think. Com2uS delivers here a good tactical RPG, which will not fail to convince the players and possibly to keep them, if additional content comes to the tip of its nose.


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