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Coraline animation of Henry Selick with Dakota Fanning – critic

Coraline animation

The first in-house feature film from studio Laika (the firm had previously worked on short films or on productions from other studios such as the Corpse Bride by Tim Burton), Coraline animation is the adaptation of the eponymous novel by Neil Gaiman, and will have known a certain public and critical success, except in France, where the film will have had difficulty in finding its public, not helped by an advertising campaign not knowing frankly how to sell the thing.

Coraline animation critic

Benefiting from a comfortable budget of $ 60 million, Coraline animation is a pure visual marvel, an enchantment of every moment. The animators do an absolutely remarkable job on gestures and textures, easily burying the competition, even if some may regret a certain coldness, far from the small (often intentional) boondoggles of Aardman studios.

A psychoanalytic nightmare summoning our most childish fears, Coraline confronts fantasy with a dreary daily life, but effectively reverses the scale of value, the embarrassment and dread coming not from darkness, but from shimmering colors, laughter and darkness. joy. Not recommended for very young children, the film plunges us into an unhealthy and distressing atmosphere, offering some borderline traumatic images.

There remain two problems preventing Coraline animation from reaching the heights of the genre. At first, its pace, it must be said laborious, especially since the film exceeds the usual hour and a half by a hair. Then, it is difficult to identify with a borderline unfriendly kid for the majority of the film, especially as her design, far from being a failure, often gives her expressions of a dirty little bitch. I am well aware that this aspect is part of his path, in a kind of initiatory journey, but it took me out of the film a little.

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A flagrant lack of emotion and astonishing rhythm on the part of the director of the cult The Nightmare Before Christmas, but which does not prevent Coraline animation from being a very interesting and really scary moral tale, technically flawless and benefiting from the superb score by Bruno Coulais.


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