Death of Luke Perry: the ultimate photo sent to his friends in Beverly Hills

luke perry
On Sunday October 11, 2020, Luke Perry would have blown out the candles on his 54th birthday. On this occasion, everyone had a thought for the actor, who died following a stroke on March 4, 2019 …

The pill is still difficult to swallow. The world without Luke Perry is simply less bright. And it is not the date of October 11 that will help us turn the page. In 2020, the comedian would have celebrated his 54th birthday. On social networks, inevitably, his former colleagues, friends … his Beverly Hills familyunveiled his immense sadness. On Instagram, in particular, everyone went there with their fond memories. One word, one unique image. What to pay homage to this man who has depopulated everything by disappearing.

All brothers, from a different mother

Brian Austin Green , in love with emotions, unveiled the photograph that now adorns his mobile. An image of Luke Perry at the beach with his dog. ” This is the last you sent me , explains the actor in his birthday greetings. It has become the screensaver of my phone. Today is really difficult, but you touched in a positive way all the people you may have met. I love and miss you, my brother . ” A similar story goes to Ian Ziering , former Steve Sanders, who shared a memory he appears on with all his sidekicks, captioning ” all brothers, from a different mother.

I think about him, I miss him. But it is everyday

Luke Perry bowed out far too early on March 4, 2019 at the age of 52 . Victim of a stroke, he had given way to doubt and hope by remaining in a coma … before succumbing. Hurt by the drama, Shannen Doherty simply posted the portrait of her former partner – Ah, Brenda and Dylan … – writing her name. ” It’s a lazy Sunday with the family ,” Tori Spelling said.I am happy to have my family and my heart family. I love them all so much. And it doesn’t feel right to me not to mention that today is our brother Luke’s birthday. I think about him, I miss him. But it is every day. I’m relieved to know that he got to meet my youngest, Beau, and hugged him when he was still a baby. “Separated by life, but bound for eternity …

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