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Dentist who operated on hoverboard sentenced to 12 years in prison

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(Washington) US dentist, filmed operating on female patient while balancing on a hoverboard , was sentenced to 12 years in prison for endangering life and various insurance fraud disease.

The video is enough to make the teeth of the most resistant to the dentist’s chair cringe.

Perched on a hoverboard , Seth Lookhart extracts a tooth from the mouth of a visibly anesthetized woman before spinning down the hall on his machine, raising his arms in celebration.

His medical prowess did not overly impress the justice of the State of Alaska, which sentenced him Tuesday to 20 years in prison, including eight suspended sentences, and a $ 2.2 million fine ( CAN $ 2.9 million).

According to a statement from the local Department of Justice, the judge “pointed out that the hoverboard video for which Mr. Lookhart is best known was not even the most serious aspect of this case.”

Seth Lookhart, 35, was convicted of a total of 46 counts, including illegal pursuit of his trade, embezzlement and fraud.

He “almost killed many patients by performing thousands of anesthesia without consent or adequate training”, points again the justice of Alaska.

The former dentist made amends before his sentence was announced.

“I can’t say exactly when I started to derail,” he said, according to comments reported by local media.

“I could have and should have shown greater discipline,” he apologized, hoping that his clientele, to which he was “attached”, did not keep a grudge against him.


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