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Die Another Day movie of Lee Tamahori with Pierce Brosnan – critic

Die Another Day movie

To properly celebrate the forty years of the mythical saga, producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli of course decide to bring back their famous spy for a twentieth adventure, the last for Pierce Brosnan, thus ending a cycle before the finish of the reboot in 2006. The staging is entrusted to Lee Tamahori, a filmmaker who has produced a fucking masterpiece (The soul of the warriors) before turning to the fat Hollywood chick. This is our critic of Die Another Day movie.

Die Another Day movie critic

If we put aside the horrible credits against the background of inappropriate Madonna tube, the first minutes of Die Another Day let hope for a seductive opus. Tangible geopolitical context, James Bond captive and damn in shit, correct action sequence … There is enough to do something about all of this and maybe end in style, the technology allowing more to let go completely in the spectacular.

Unfortunately, it quickly becomes apparent that Die Another Day movie has finally nothing to tell, antiquated adventure and anachronistic limit, content to throw huge winks at fans of the saga by citing their favorite episodes with all their strength. . A shift which could have been attractive but which does not work, giving us the unpleasant impression of attending a parody.

Never thrilling, Die Another Day movie also struggles to impress the retina of its audience, the action scenes suffering from far too heavy use of the digital tool, spawning a handful of simply awful shots, which will become much to my dismay the norm over the following years. And I’m not talking about the editing, strewn with tics that the worst MTV clip would not have denied.

For his last appearance in the series, Pierce Brosnan becomes a caricature of himself, see Roger Moore of the great time, content to throw distressing lines and raise an eyebrow. At his side, Rosamund Pike, very elegant moreover, in fact either too much or not enough, while Toby Stephens, monster of charisma in the series Black Sails, is here as bad as a grilled pig as a grimacing bad guy. As for Bond’s female alter-ego, it would have taken a more credible actress than Halle Berry, obviously chosen for her chest size more than for her ability to take on such a role.

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Referential and parodic limit, Die Another Day movie is a failure across the board, offering absolutely nothing past its promising first minutes. It was time to change the formula a little and that will be done with the next opus, finally reshaping the codes of a saga that has fallen very low.


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