Diet tips to avoid frustration on your weight loss journey

diet tips

You have decided to start a diet to lose weight and the first results are there, but you dream of a diet without frustration. Our diet tips would be of great help.

Certainly you are happy and you can already see yourself achieving results. But time passes, motivation decreases as the constraints grow:

  • You are hungry,
  • you fall in love with your desires,
  • you are tired,
  • you feel guilty for deviations that you allow yourself,
  • your results are not fast enough.

In short, you feel so frustrated that you are on the verge of giving up your diet to lose weight. Because everyone knows, you first of all, frustration is the main enemy in your struggle to lose weight easily.

Diet tips: How to manage your meals for a frustration-free weight loss journey?

Do you have a crush when you’re hungry? So avoid being hungry. Losing weight without hunger (therefore with a good adapted diet) is more effective in the long term. To do this, apply some basic diet tips for your meals, rules so simple that they are sometimes forgotten:

  • Never skip meals, the basis of a frustration-free diet.
  • Include starch in your meals; it is the “energy” food that will prevent you from recurring pump strokes in diets to lose weight .
  • Take at least 20 minutes for your meal, this is the time necessary for satiety to set in, and it is also the time necessary to eat a raw vegetable, a main course, a dessert, while chatting quietly with colleagues or during a family meal.
  • Brush your teeth after each meal.
  • Have a glass of milk and a piece of fruit to avoid pre-dinner snacking.

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How to ward off frustration of a diet?

To stay motivated until the end of your diet, that is, until you have reached and consolidated your goal, make your weight loss diet a joy for your taste buds.

We cannot highlight it enough: the variety is the mother of all the virtues in terms of slimming diets. The more diversity you bring to your meals, the less bored you will feel at the table. Vary your foods of course, a frustration-free diet is about more than grilled steak – steamed green beans or steamed fish – boiled spinach. If you took the time to go to the market on a Saturday morning, you would appreciate the variety that spreads out in front of you; the number of vegetables and fruits that exist out there, even choosing only seasonal vegetables for the sake of eco-friendliness responsibility. Be honest with yourself: of all these different vegetables, how many have you tasted since starting your weight loss diet?

Also learn to vary the types of cooking. Steaming is good for your health, but you get tired of it. There are so many ways to cook food: you can braise, bake in foils, grill, marinate, poach, sauté, roast, fry, stew, simmer… Not enough time to cook? We all have the same time available, we do not all make the same choices to use it … But what would you not do to see your weight loss diet take effect again !!

And never forget to indulge yourself: eating a variety of foods also means being able to incorporate limited quantities of pleasure foods into your balanced diet. Do not deprive yourself completely, at the risk of engulfing it with unreasonable and astronomical quantities when you crack.

What if you fall for it anyway?

You had decided to show the greatest rigor and you fell for a chocolate cookie offered by a tempting colleague? Consider: what would you say to a friend in this situation? Don’t worry, it’s nothing, it’s not going to defeat all the efforts you make on a daily basis, etc … So many kind words to minimize this sin’s degree and bring it back to what it is : a small difference without importance! So don’t berate yourself when you live such a comforting moment. Enjoy this little moment of fleeting but intense pleasure, taste your delicious chocolate cookie … and that’s it, just one, because you are a sensible person, you will not put down months of diet, just like that. Also, consider that you have consciously decided to give yourself a little pleasure and not that your subconscious imposes it on you.

And later at night, take things under control, you make up for the small gap at dinner by eating a steamed fish rather than the filet meunière that you wanted to prepare. You have nothing to lose by allowing yourself some fun, and your frustration-free diet has everything to be a success.


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