Dietician hired to help you lose weight: is it worth it?

Lose weight with a dietician

It’s not easy to lose weight on your own. The temptations are numerous and family and friends do not always give good advice. Losing weight on a strict diet can work for a few days or even a few weeks, but sticking to it to shed more than 5 pounds can lead to complications. Hiring a dietician to lose weight can be an interesting solution, provided that you choose well to obtain good results.

Losing weight with a dietician: how much do I have to pay?

A dietician has completed two or three years of diploma studies. One is therefore fully qualified to help you lose weight. Losing weight with a dietician means making sure you achieve such a goal by regaining a balanced diet. The dietician usually schedules a private session, although you can also meet in health establishments: hospitals, retirement homes, etc.

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The first session cost with a nutritionist is generally higher, because it includes a complete assessment of your food essential to really help you lose weight. It can go up to 70 dollars. Follow-up consultations usually cost 25 to 40 dollars. As the dietician is not a doctor, their sessions are not reimbursed by social security. However, some mutuals can reimburse consultations with a dietitian.

Losing weight with a dietician’s help: what’s the difference?

Losing weight with a nutritionist’s help allows you to obtain personalized follow-up throughout your weight loss journey. The dietician advises you, supports you, takes your results into account to adapt your diet. During the first consultation, the dietician gives you basic weight loss advice, those you probably already know, and builds with you a tailor-made diet, taking into account your tastes, your eating habits and your lifestyle.

dietician costs

After the first consultation, you meet with your nutritionist regularly, according to a schedule set together. The first results should be visible from the second consultation. The dietician will then coach you to help you continue the efforts undertaken and improve your results.

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With a dietician by your side, losing weight becomes a pleasure, as long as there is an open dialogue in place. If you feel that your dietician is setting you goals and a diet plan that do not meet these criteria, it is better to seek other weight loss support. Losing weight with a dietician can only be done with the right professional, the one who will listen to you, the one who will help you move forward by removing your doubts and whom you can easily contact for extra advice outside of a quick consultation… and for free.


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