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Edward Scissorhands movie of Tim Burton with Johnny Depp – critic

Edward Scissorhands movie

In view of the money raised thanks to the first adventures of Batman version Tim Burton, one would think that Warner Bros would roll out the red carpet to the little guy from Burbank and would agree to finance any of its projects. Nay! Little enticed by the new delirium of Wonder Boy based on an old drawing of the latter (they would rather see him tackle Batman Returns directly), the studio passes the baby on to 20th Century Fox, thus giving the opportunity to Beetlejuice’s dad to give birth to his first masterpiece. This is our critic of Edward Scissorhands movie.

Edward Scissorhands movie critic

Entrusted to novelist Caroline Thompson in whom Burton has complete confidence, Edward Scissorhands’ script mixes various influences dear to the two authors, ranging from folk tales to Gothic novels through the golden age of horror cinema. The universes of Mary Shelley, Murnau and the Universal Monsters thus intersect, all sprinkled with a zest of impossible romance in the straight line of Beauty and the Beast.

A pure tale on film, Edward Scissorhands movie reclaims the references cited above without any damage, managing to tell his own original story. Namely, a touching ode to difference, to freaks of all kinds, an unpredictable encounter between an innocent being overflowing with love and a stacking conformism directly drawn from the memories of the filmmaker, embodied by a suburb too clean to be honest, puffed up by the jealousy and pettiness.

Superb picture book benefiting from an absolutely magnificent artistic direction, completing the cataloging of the filmmaker as a “Gothic” artist (if that means something), Edward Scissorhands draws his strength above all from the emotion that emerges from his story, moving stillborn love story, reaching new heights thanks to the enchanting score of Danny Elfman and the quality of the interpretation.

A time envisaged for Tom Cruise (whom the director will meet for the form), the title role will finally be attributed to a simply perfect Johnny Depp, all in emotion on edge, and who will find in this film at the same time an artistic deliverance (he who was prisoner of his image of a handsome kid from television) and a lasting friendship with another flayed alive. From the rest of the cast, we will retain the angelic aura of Winona Ryder (compensating a little for a somewhat wobbly characterization), the kindness of Dianne Wiest and above all, the short but moving appearance of a mysterious and mischievous Vincent Price, who will soon join, to the great sadness of a whole generation of cinephiles, another world where his beloved wife was undoubtedly waiting for him.

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From an emotion that crushes your heart (Edward’s distress when his beautiful asks him to take her in his arms and he simply replies “I can’t” brings tears to my eyes every time), Edward Scissorhands movie is for me one of the most successful works of Tim Burton, because certainly one of the most sincere. The profession of faith of a creator whom I loved above all, but who will struggle, past his other masterpieces such as Batman Returns and Ed Wood, to find its magic.


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