Elizabeth II humiliated: the queen victim of a snub!

queen of england
More than ever, the end of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign is shaken up: isolated because of the coronavirus, angry at the departure of her grandson Prince Harry as a member of the royal family and, now, humiliated at the other end of the world…

Nothing is going well for Elizabeth II ! If she has largely restored her image in the United Kingdom since the early 2000s – after a period of disenchantment following the death of Diana, her stepdaughter she had in the crosshairs – the sovereign is not necessarily also popular with the rest of the Commonwealth .

Her Majesty’s subjects say stop. Barbados, a Caribbean microstate, has announced that it will free itself from its subjugation to the British Crown and become a republic by the end of November 2021. A snub for 94-year-old Queen Elizabeth II, she who is officially the head of state of this island. A small country whose governor is Dame Sandra Mason and the Prime Minister, Mia Mottley. Barbados, best known for being the birthplace of singer Rihanna and having idyllic landscapes, officially joined the Commonwealth – which includes 53 states – on November 30, 1966.

Elizabeth II, who remains isolated from her subjects because of the coronavirus pandemic which could be fatal to her due to her advanced age, will therefore lose her sovereignty over one of the last kingdoms of the Commonwealth, which are former British colonies become independent. Asked in London on the subject, a spokesperson for Buckingham Palace said that the decision was “up to the authorities and the people of Barbados, ” AFP said. “ Having gained independence more than half a century ago, our country can have no doubts about its self-governing capacities ,” said Sandra Mason, speaking in the capital, Bridgetown. “The time has come to say a real farewell to our colonial past. Barbadians want a Barbadian head of state , “continued the one who is the official representative on the island of the Queen of England.


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