Facebook excludes group that contested election and called for US protests


Facebook excluded from its platform on Thursday a group of supporters of the re-election candidate Donald Trump who contested the counting of votes in the American presidential election, suggesting that Democratic candidate Joe Biden was defrauding the election. Titled ‘Stop the Steal’ – ‘Stop the Robbery’ in literal Portuguese -, the community had about 360,000 members before being erased for violating the social network’s terms of use.

Among the community’s goals was calling for people to take to the streets in key states like Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania to protest the vote-counting process, contested by Trump. Flights, hotel accommodation and caravan organization were offered in the group.

The content of the talks in the forum would also be of an undemocratic nature, with supporters of the president suggesting the use of violence to “prevent the destruction of the nation”. “We are on the verge of civil war because of these kinds of people,” wrote one of the users.

Among the moderators was Amy Kremer, a former US Congressional candidate for the state of Georgia and a member of the Republican Party’s most radical wing. Co-founder of the Women for Trump movement, she reportedly used the Facebook page Women for “America First” – Trump’s campaign motto -, which has more than 100,000 followers, to publicize the group.

On Thursday afternoon, dozens of Donald Trump supporters took to the streets of Atlanta, Georgia, to protest the electoral process. Posters and t-shirts with the name of the group deleted by Facebook were used by those present.

In a statement, Facebook’s press office confirmed the removal of the group by promoting “acts of violence” in the “real world”. The company also stated that it is attentive to the emergence of new communities with similar content on the network.

Below, the official Facebook note.

“In line with the exceptional measures that we are taking in the USA in this period of tension, we removed the ‘Stop the Steal’ Group, which was organizing events in the real world. This Group originated around the delegitimization of the electoral process and we found worrying content from some of its members calling for acts of violence “


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