Ford pinto returns to Uruguay with US $ 50 million investment

ford pinto

American Ford pinto returns to Uruguay after more than three decades to assemble vehicles destined to supply the South American market, with an investment of US $ 50 million and the generation of 200 direct jobs, the Uruguayan government reported on Tuesday.

Ford pinto: a joint project with Nordex SA

“A joint project between Ford and Nordex SA has been confirmed, which we consider to be of great value, since both companies have committed to produce in Uruguay a series of Ford Transit vehicles for the entire South American market,” announced the Minister of Industry, Omar Paganini, at a press conference.

Paganini pointed out that the partnership with Nordex, a car manufacturer located in Uruguay, represents the North American’s return to the country after 35 years. “Uruguay arrives to complement (the production) and not to replace”, explained Leonel Delménico, director of Nordex, in the press conference.

“The existing factories of several brands in Argentina and Brazil obviously deal with other volumes, other products. Uruguay in the automotive history has specialized in niche products, with low cadences, which may be low for the region, but obviously not for us. “, he argued. Production is expected to start supplying the market in the second half of 2021.


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