Grêmio sends letter to CBF asking for information about meeting with São Paulo and VAR audios

Grêmio sends letter to CBF

Monday was a day of intense work for the legal department of Grêmio. The club wrote and in the early afternoon sent the letter to CBF requesting transparency in the facts that involved the game against São Paulo , Saturday, in Morumbi. Not only within the four lines, but also on the day before the match, when leaders of the São Paulo club went to CBF to request an exchange on the arbitration scale, and succeeded.

“We require, among other things, information about the meeting between São Paulo and CBF, and also the audios of the conversations of the entire refereeing team during the game (including the VAR). Apparently there was no conversation, ”says Leonardo Lamachia, a lawyer for Grêmio. The request to cancel the match is a step forward: “The eventual cancellation will depend on the elements that we will have access to”, he explains. 

Even though aware that the cancellation of the match is unlikely, Grêmio aims to position itself firmly in the face of a situation in which it considers itself unfair. “I find it very difficult to cancel a football game, it is a very rare situation. But what happened in the game is also rare. In addition, there was an atypical meeting, with only one party (São Paulo) and the arbitration summit at CBF. And this still resulted in an exchange in the team that stopped working in four capital bids ”, argues the lawyer of Grêmio. 

The leaders were strong in their demonstrations, especially the vice football player, Paulo Luz, who spoke of “assault” at Morumbi. According to Lamachia, the CBF also erred in not looking for the club. “Grêmio should, at the very least, have been consulted and participated in this meeting, giving the process equality and transparency”, he comments.

“I have doubts about this CBF attitude. If she trusts her arbitration board, why make the switch? Now each club will use its mechanisms to request this type of change, some with more and others with less political power, ”adds Lamachia, saying that the entity has set a“ very dangerous ”precedent in accepting São Paulo’s request.


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