Grêmio wins Cuiabá with Diego Souza goals and goes to the semifinals

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In an inspired afternoon by Diego Souza and a beautiful collective performance by the “boys” in the midfield, Grêmio gave no chance to Cuiabá, won 2-0 at the Arena and guaranteed classification for the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil this Wednesday. Now, Tricolor awaits the winner of São Paulo and Flamengo, who face each other at 21:30, to meet their opponent in the next phase. 

With a strong rhythm in the first stage, Renato Portaluppi’s team resolved the game after 10 minutes. After Pepê’s cross, Diego Souza scored in a header that started with a beautiful play by Matheus Henrique, Darlan and Jean Pyerre At 42, the team’s top scorer in the season expanded, again with the assistance of Pepê, who was also one of the highlights departure. 

Packed, Grêmio arrived this Wednesday the eighth consecutive victory of the season, one more combined with good performance. On Sunday, at 8:30 pm, the Grêmio team faces Corinthians, at NeoQuímica Arena, and wants to maintain the good moment also in the Brasileirão. 

Intense first time

Grêmio largely dominated the first half and gave Cuiabá no chance since the beginning of the game. After ten minutes, after a beautiful play, Pepê crossed and Diego Souza headed the back of the net. Increasing the Gremista advantage in the aggregate score – in the first leg, the team from Rio Grande do Sul had won by 2 to 1. At 12, the center forward forfeited a new opportunity, inside the small area. 

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Without taking scares, the Tricolor held the ball, rolled and waited for the spaces. At 20, Diego Souza even scored, but Matheus Henrique, at the origin of the move was blocked and the goal was invalidated. At 24, it was the turn of David Braz, this quite ahead, testing for the goal and having his goal annulled. 

Naturally, the Gremista team expanded the score and even lost chances of having a greater advantage. Matheus Henrique made a beautiful shot, Pepê advanced and rolled for Diego Souza, who scored his second goal in the game with a strong conclusion on 42 minutes. Before the break, Pepê still missed an opportunity face to face with João Carlos. 

Grêmio manages in the second stage

On the return for the second half, Cuiabá loosened more and Tricolor slowed down a lot, giving control of the game to the visitors in the beginning. In the 9th minute, Elvis had a good chance at fault, but he hit the barrier. 

Although less intense, the main chances were gremistas. At 13, Bonilha missed and Jean Pyerre got the ball at the edge of the area. The midfielder finished and João Carlos made a great defense. At 18, Renato started to preserve his athletes. Diego Churín and Ferreira took the place of Diego Souza and Darlan. In this way, Jean Pyerre started acting further, with Everton in the middle. 

At 21, Rayner made a dribble on the right, crossed, Perdigão tried and the defense took off. Feeling the “blow” of being behind on the scoreboard, Cuiabá reduced its offensive momentum and the game was quite lukewarm. At 37, João Carlos firmly defended a Ferreira shot from the edge of the area. 

At 42, the waiter of the day, Pepê, lost another one in the face of João Carlos. Renato signaled “over the top” to his attacker at the edge of the field. And it was the last chance of danger in the game. End of conversation and Grêmio in the next phase. 

Copa do Brasil – Quarterfinals 

Grêmio 2
Vanderlei; Victor Ferraz, Pedro Geromel, David Braz and Diogo Barbosa; Darlan (Ferreira), Matheus Henrique (Lucas Silva), Jean Pyerre (Thaciano), Everton (Isaque) and Pepê; Diego Souza (Diego Churín). Coach: Renato Portaluppi.

Cuiabá 0
João Carlos; Hayner (Diego Jardel), Eduardo Kunde, Anderson Conceição and Romário; Nenê Bonilha, Matheus Barbosa, Elvis and Iago (Lenon); Willians Santana (Perdigão) and Maxwell. Coach: Allan Aal.

Goals: Diego Souza (10min / 1T °, 42min / 1T °)
Yellow cards: Willians Santana (Cuiabá)
Referee: Felipe Fernandes Lima (MG)
Location: Arena do Grêmio, in Porto Alegre (RS)
Date and time: 18/11 , at 16:30 


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