Household revolutionized thanks to multifunction cordless vacuum


Almost a century ago, in 1929, the German group Vorwerk launched the first stick vacuum cleaner of the Kobold brand. An innovation in the field of household appliances which will be a small revolution, but also a real success. The first of a long series. Driven by this fine performance, the family business once again created a surprise at the start of the 1960s by launching the multifunction food processor which became a real icon: the Thermomix®. Since then, Vorwerk has never ceased to innovate to meet the needs of families. And just as the Thermomix® revolutionized the kitchen, Kobold works miracles in the maintenance department of the whole house. Latest innovation that promises to save time and comfort of life? The well thought-out multifunction cordless vacuum cleaner.

Household revolutionized: it’s possible to vacuum and wash 60 m² in 10 minutes!

Building on its success with its pioneering DuoSpeed ​​2 in 1 brush that “sucks and washes” at the same time, Kobold goes further with its first cordless vacuum and scrubber. Versatile and complete, it combines suction performance and cleaning functions. A concentrate of innovations designed to simplify your daily life. This latest addition vacuums and cleans all surfaces in record time and with impeccable results. Easy to use, handy, practical, it cleans easily in every nook and cranny and vacuums and washes 60m² in just 10 minutes! No more mop! A real time saver that improves your living comfort. As for autonomy, you have the time. Equipped with a Li-Ion lithium battery, it allows a cleaning session of 50 minutes in “standard” mode.

Note, with its patented hygienic filter bag and it captures 99.99% of dust and allergens and it is particularly suitable for people with allergies.

With Kobold, finished the mop!

The Kobold Cordless Vacuum Cleaner helps you preserve that blue gold that is water. Indeed, it consumes 50 times less water and cleaning product than a traditional mop. In addition, you can modulate its consumption thanks to the 3 levels of humidification. You will only need 300 ml, or the equivalent of a glass of water, to clean 60 m²!

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The multifunction cordless vacuum cleaner: a product born to last just like the Thermomix!

Since 1929, Vorwerk has offered its customers top-of-the-range products of excellence combining performance, efficiency, design and robustness. The latest innovation from the group, the new multifunction cordless vacuum cleaner is no exception to tradition. It is equipped with high performance engines designed in Germany which give it formidable efficiency. Materials chosen for their high-end and durable quality, ingenious design of each element that makes it up, it has everything to seduce! Kobold has been designing products that are made to last, transgenerational, and usable by every member of the family for over 90 years.

The new Kobold gives you freedom of time and use, performance, quality. Your new Swiss Army knife for the household is him and it is guaranteed for 5 years! Just as Thermomix® has revolutionized the daily lives of millions of households around the world, discover the one that will revolutionize your household!


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