How tall is barron trump: A “freak of nature” seen as a future NBA

how tall is barron trump

Only 13 years old, Barron, Donald Trump’s youngest son, almost makes his father look short. Yet the US President is nearly three feet tall. His mother Melania, who is also six feet tall without heels, is therefore the smallest of the family. In any case, it was Barron’s peak growth that surprised everyone in the last family snapshot. So, how tall is barron trump?

How tall is barron trump?

No one has forgotten the photos of Barron Trump when his father was inaugurated in 2017, when he was only 10 years old. Every teenager between 11 and 14 years old experiences a growth peak at puberty, with a surge of about six centimeters per year. But in the son of the President of the United States, it is particularly remarkable: Barron is suddenly much taller than the average six feet at his age.

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On the last official photos, when the presidential family arrived at their vacation home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, Barron was surprised like a little cousin we haven’t seen since a previous family celebration . The teenager even outperforms Donald Trump and his three-footer by a head. Since the inauguration, Barron’s parents had been careful to keep their son out of public space in order to preserve him. To do this, Melania had stayed in New York City at Trump Tower with Barron for months after the inauguration. We also remember the recent wrath of Melania Trump when her son was mentioned by a university professor to pin Donald Trump. Today, they all live together in the White House, though rumors of infidelity and strife persist.

how tall is barron trump
Donald, Melania et Barron Trump, le 26 novembre 2019 © EPA

The hallucinating height of Donald Trump’s son, 14, whom some see as future basketball playe

Far from being on good terms with the NBA community, Donald Trump nevertheless has a son the size of… basketball player. So much so that some Internet users are already imagining a future career in the orange ball for the young Barron, 14 years old.

Father of 5 children, Donald Trump particularly loves the youngest, Barron. Discreet but often present alongside his father and mother Melania, of whom he is the only child, the youngest of the tenant of the White House has a particularity: he is tall. Very large.

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Born in 2006, Barron already clearly exceeds his father, who nevertheless rises above the meter 90! Obviously, there is no official measurement of its height, but some already estimate it to be close to the double-meter.

A growth is probably still continuing

At this pace, the son of the President, whose growth is probably not finished, could well carve a physique of winger or interior in the world of basketball. At least that’s what some internet users already imagine:

Others, by pressing a size similar to that of Luka Doncic and the Slovenian origins of his mother, prefer to joke in reference to Mark Cuban and his Mavs:

Right now, nothing predestines the teenager for a career in basketball – as far as we know, he doesn’t even practice it. But the orange ball is sometimes a sport that some pros have taken to late, precisely because of (or thanks to) their size, and no one knows the choice that Barron Trump could make if he continued to grow and grow and exceed 2 meters.

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Freak of nature”, Barron Trump could have what it takes to feel the orange ball. The story would be funny, but who knows?


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