Inter alia lose on penalties to América-MG and out of Brazil Cup

inter alia

The colorado fan lived different emotions this Wednesday night, against América-MG, in the quarterfinals of the Brazil Cup. He even scored 1 to 0 in normal time, in the last game of the game, to take the team to penalties in a dramatic way. However, the reversal of expectations came again after the charges. In the decision, better for America, who won by 6 to 5 and eliminated Inter alia from the competition. 

The only goal of the game was scored in the last move. At 50 of the final stage, missing on the right, the ball reached Yuri Alberto, who sent it to the nets to guarantee the 1 to 0. 

With the result, Inter is eliminated from the Copa do Brasil 2020, and concentrates its forces on the Brasileirão and Copa Libertadores. Colorado’s next appointment is for the Brazilian Championship, against Fluminense, on Sunday. The match takes place at the Beira-Rio Stadium, at 18h15min, valid for the 22nd round.

Inter alia start well, but don’t finish 

Coach Abel Braga chose to make some changes to the team, starting to implement its characteristics in comparison with Eduardo Coudet’s team. He returned to position the team in a 4-2-3-1, with Dourado and Lindoso in the steering wheel duo, D’Alessandro among the starters and Leandro Fernández open by one end. In front, Thiago Galhardo was the center forward. 

Needing to reverse the disadvantage of the first game, he made his best start to the game. He put pressure on América and occupied the opponent’s field, attacking and with more possession time. At eight, after a table by D’Alessandro and Rodinei, Leandro Fernández had the first good chance at Inter, but the defense kept it out.

In the first 15 minutes, Colorado had 70% possession of the ball, against 30% of the rival. América-MG would only submit for the first time at 18, when João Paulo hit the ball first and the ball passed over the crossbar, causing danger to Marcelo Lomba.

However, possession of the ball failed to prove effective. Inter did not threaten the goal of América-MG again, and also reduced the aggressive pace of the first minutes. At 32 minutes, the owners of the house invested with danger. Ademir received on the right and cleared Victor Cuesta, who fell sitting on the lawn. It was up to Rodrigo Dourado, one of the best on the pitch in the first half, to intervene and avoid the goal. 

The pace slowed, and the rain made the field even heavier. More and more comfortable, América-MG started to control the game. Inter ran into difficulties with creation and errors in the middle, especially with D’Alessandro. Thus, the only possible result at the interval was 0 to 0.

Yuri Alberto scores at the end and takes the game to penalties 

In the second half, it was América-MG that came back the best. Lisca’s team started to take advantage of counterattacks and, with eight minutes, came to create two chances of goal. First, Geovane risked from a distance and Lomba defended. Then, Flávio finished over the crossbar.

Faced with a scenario that changed little, since Inter’s possession of the ball was still not very productive, Abel Braga chose to put strikers on the team. He took out the late Leandro Fernández to try better alternatives with Yuri Alberto. Then he made two more exchanges. He took Rodrigo Dourado and full-back Moisés, to put Uendel in the field and promoted the debut of the boy Caio, from the base, in the Inter professionals.

However, the exchanges did not work as expected. Inter still struggled to create chances, and possession of 78% at 34 minutes of the final stage was useless. América-MG, especially in the figure of defender Messias, played a safe game defensively.

Inter alia abused the ball in the area, especially at the end of the game. As occurred throughout the match, goalkeeper Matheus Cavichioli knew how to neutralize the plays. However, América-MG was punished in the last move of the game. Missing on the right side, the cross met Yuri Alberto, who scored 1-0 to take the match to penalties.

Galhardo misses and Inter alia falls on penalties

Inter alia opted to open the series with Thiago Galhardo, the penalty taker and top scorer of the season. The good phase of shirt 17 does not appear and at the moment of collection the attacking midfielder put the ball out. Thus, Colorado opened the series at a disadvantage. The team recovered in time, and took the charges for the alternating series. 

However, when América-MG got it right, Uendel missed, hit over the crossbar and defined the series. In the decision, better for América-MG. The victory by 6 to 5 in the collections guaranteed the classification to the semifinals of the Cup of Brazil.

After the charges, confusion on the lawn. There was a fight between Inter and América-MG players. The disagreement went on to continue in the locker room, but it was soon controlled.

Copa do Brasil – semifinal round game

America-MG 0 (6)

Matheus Cavichioli; Diego Ferreira, Messias, Anderson and João Paulo; Flavio (Sabino), Felipe Azevedo (Marcelo Toscano), Juninho and Ademir (Daniel Borges); Geovane (Ale) and Rodolfo (Léo Passos). Coach: Lisca.

Inter 1 (5)

Loin; Rodinei, Zé Gabriel, Cuesta and Moisés (Uendel); Dourado (Caio), Lindoso, Edenílson, D’Alessandro (Praxedes) and Leandro Fernández (Yuri Alberto); Thiago Galhardo. Coach: Abel Braga.

Goal: Yuri Alberto (50 / 2T)

Referee: Vinicius Gonçalves Dias Araújo (SP)

Yellow cards: Juninho and Felipe Azevedo (América-MG); Victor Cuesta (Inter)

Location: Arena Independência, in Belo Horizonte (MG)

Date and time: 11/18, at 9:30 pm


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