Jennifer Lawrence, unleashed in the street: she screams loudly!

Jennifer Lawrence

The United States is celebrating! The country celebrates the election of Joe Biden to the post of president, after his victory over Donald Trump. Actress Jennifer Lawrence let her joy explode when she left her home …

After 4 days of a breathless countdown, the outcome! Joe Biden president won the presidential election and will succeed Donald Trump. Jennifer Lawrence and millions of Americans took to the streets to celebrate this happy event.

Jennifer Lawrence followed the count of the presidential election

Jennifer Lawrence also followed the count of the presidential election. The 30-year-old actress exploded with joy when she learned of the victory of Democratic candidate (and former vice president of Barack Obama ) Joe Biden. She came out of her home and howled with happiness on the street near her home in Boston, Massachusetts.

” I had no choice but to throw a party for one guest, ” writes the ex-heroine of the Hunger Games saga on Twitter, where she posted a video showing her exulting. Mask on the face in accordance with the measures taken against the spread of Covid-19, dressed in a gray sweater, pink pants and black Converse sneakers, Jennifer Lawrence was also holding a phone and a speaker.

She danced like a rocker to Childish Gambino’s song This Is America , rapper name of actor Donald Glover.

As of this writing, Donald Trump still has not acknowledged his defeat. He is even convinced of having won the election ” from afar ” and remains convinced of having been a victim of fraud.

Despite the fake news of the future ex-president of the United States, the enthusiasm of Jennifer Lawrence and millions of Americans remains intact! At her home in Boston, New York and even Washington, festive parades celebrated the victory of Joe Biden and his vice president, Senator Kamala Harris .

Like many personalities, Jennifer had actively encouraged Internet users to vote. The X-Men superheroine , married to Cooke Maroney , can finally savor!


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