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Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie with Chris Pratt – critic

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie

A volcano having awakened on the island of Isla Nublar where the remains of Jurassic World park are located, the fate of the dinosaurs present on this island becomes the center of the debates: should we save them as living beings or well let disappear creatures that should never have seen the light of day? This our critic of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie critic

According to Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), we must above all do nothing and let these dinosaurs die who did not ask anyone for anything. Lockwood (James Cromwell), an old British millionaire and former partner of John Hammond, disagrees, and decides to save the dinosaurs by creating a special place where they would live in peace without any human presence. For this, he hires Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), who know the place well, to supervise the rescue of the species to be safeguarded. But Dearing and Grady will quickly realize that the mission they oversee has another purpose, the content of which they do not know, and which will once again confront them with the man’s madness, decidedly without limits …

That said, if the man’s madness manifests itself in the camp of the film’s antagonists, who are taking over the already very rudimentary character of Vincent d’Onofrio in the 1st film – with more resources but no more neurons – in wanting to turn dinosaurs into weapons of mass destruction, this is shared by all the characters in the film, starting with Claire Dearing, whose urge to save dinosaurs only questions her seemingly deficient mental health of the character. Because indeed, if, in the first Jurassic World, the main characters often shone by their unconsciousness, the script of Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly here makes them go much further, by depriving them of all that remained to them intelligence. This is how we will see Claire Dearing make us Greenpeace dinosaur version by defending creatures that nature saw fit to push towards the exit door a few million years ago, and whose presence on Earth endangers our own, which anyone with an IQ other than that of an oyster can only take as the simplest of evidence.

Fortunately, for the spectator who has not yet given up the use of his brain, the excellent Ian Malcolm, luxury potiche of a film which does not summon great actors (James Cromwell, Toby Jones, Geraldine Chaplin) that to better evacuate them without having made them useful for a moment, comes set the record straight in a well-crafted monologue which, in a jiffy, draws the only conclusion that had to be drawn from a film a little too much ambiguous to be honest, while strongly condemning the entirety of the characters’ actions over the past two hours.

Two hours which, it must be admitted, are once again endless entertainment thanks to Juan Antonio Bayona’s sharp camera which takes over from Colin Trevorrow for the better. Indeed, its director of photography Oscar Faura reveals to us as usual the extent of his talent by creating a good number of iconic shots, by a very clever imaging (beautiful games of shadows and reflections) of the creatures. spielbergian. In addition, the very successful dramatization of the dinosaurs makes it possible to rediscover (in much less depth, of course) some of the tension specific to Jurassic Park, and even if we are never really afraid for characters that, anyway, we would rather want to see disappear, this tension remains very appreciable.

Unfortunately, the great spectacle of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie is often spoiled by a scenario which takes the party to multiply the inconsistencies already seen everywhere else (starting with the most dangerous secret laboratory in the world which is also the least watched) and the silly choices on the part of the characters (drop a dinosaur in the middle of a crowd of beast traffickers instead of making a simple phone call to have them arrested, releasing a velociraptor in a laboratory containing dangerous substances, hiding in his bed to escape a dinosaur, enter the cage of the most dangerous dinosaur on the planet after having sent him two poor tranquilizer darts, etc …) when he does not shoot himself outright in the foot by killing one of his own twists – yet interesting – on the origin of one of his characters by swinging the revelation in a gale between two dinosaur chews. Therefore, one wonders how to get attached to such characters, when they never seem to be in full possession of their mental faculties …

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Moreover, the carnage of the script of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie is not limited to only human characters, since it offers us a new grotesque invention through this Indoraptor whose only limits in terms of abilities are those of the writers’ overflowing imagination. So you will have to put up with seeing the Indoraptor climbing on a mansion roof or full traction so as not to fall into the void …
If we prefer to focus on the level of pure entertainment, we can still find its account, since on this side, even if it does not equal its predecessor in terms of action, Bayona does not miss a opportunity to offer us a good big show, all the more delicious as the special effects are incredibly successful, consecrating the marriage between synthetic images and animatronics. Visually, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is therefore a totally safe bet, and it is with unfailing pleasure that we will attend grandiose scenes, especially those on Isla Nublar, which meet all the criteria expected of ‘such entertainment.

And even if the characters manage to get out of the worst situations only by a series of happy coincidences, this time we will not hold too much rigor to the writers, well aware that they are only using a recipe inherent to the kind of adventure for a long time (from the Count of Monte Cristo to Indiana Jones via Tintin and James Bond).
By its choices of photography, music and scenery (a sumptuous mansion) often happy, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom therefore manages to make us relativize its many faults to convince us that it remains above all a good entertainment, nag and close to every moment the nanar, but also epic and grandiose, while offering us a frankly daring ending which, by sliding the universe of Jurassic Park from science fiction to anticipation, announces a renewal of the saga that the we wait with as much hope as fear …

Anyway, all this does not replace reading the excellent novels of Michael Crichton, who master a thousand times better the art of tension and politico-scientific discourse than the continuers of the saga he initiated.

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