Katy Perry accused of sexual assault by model Josh Kloss

katy perry accused of sexual assault
The facts go back to 2012. After working with model Josh Kloss on the set of the video for his song “Teenage Dreams”, Katy Perry would have made an extremely inappropriate gesture towards him.

Josh Kloss, the model hired for the shooting of the Teenage Dreams music video in 2010 , rocked his pig this Sunday, August 11, 2019. And this is the one who helped him to make himself known by hugging him on television : singer Katy Perry . On his Instagram account, the young man wanted to celebrate the nine years of this little job – which only earned him $ 650 at the time – by revealing his truth. A few months after working together, at a mutual friend’s birthday party, Orlando Bloom’s partner allegedly “pulled down his pants to show [his] penis to everyone “.

” Can you imagine how pathetic I felt? I’m only saying this now because our culture always wants to prove that men of power are perverts. But women of power are just as disgusting ,” explains Josh Kloss. I was asked to shut up to protect her image. I listened, I was a good boy. But in return, she treated me like her bitch . ” The incident allegedly took place two years after the release of Teenage Dreams , with stylist Johnny Wujek – who co-directs the creation of Katy Perry’s clothing collections and was responsible for the costumes for the famous clip. However, he does not share the same memory at all.

We all know your obsession with her

” So there, definitely not. I won’t let you accuse my friend like that. It’s rubbish, she would never do that. We all know your obsession with her since the making of this video. You wrote her music. You invented an imaginary future with her , denounces Johnny Wujek. Concentrate on your own life, take care of your daughter and move on . ” As he clarified, Josh Kloss is not looking for money or fame by sharing his feelings. He just doesn’t want to be asked, ” How was it with Katy? ” Rather missed …

There is a good chance that the singer will feel like a plastic bag, blown away by the wind. At the moment, Katy Perry continues the legal glitches. Accused of intellectual theft during the creation of the title Dark Horse , the California Gurl lost the case against Marcus Gray and was forced to pay him nearly 2.5 million euros in damages. The singer of Bon appétit must still have trouble digesting the news.

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