King David’s Fortress Discovered in Israel’s Golan Heights

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Israeli archaeologists on Wednesday unveiled part of a 3,000-year-old fortress, discovered on the Golan Heights, which was allegedly erected by King David’s allies. This basalt fortress was exhumed next to a Jewish settlement in Hispin, as part of the excavations carried out before the construction of a new residential neighborhood.

According to Barak Tzin, who led the excavations on behalf of the Israeli antiquities authority, this structure extends over about 1,000 m2. At the site, archaeologists also found a stone engraved with characters with horns extending their arms, and the statue of a woman drumming on what appears to be a drum.

This discovery resembles artifacts found elsewhere, that of Bethsaida, “linked to the capital of the kingdom of Geshur”, established near Lake Tiberias contemporary to the era of King David, a biblical character considered one of the founders of the ancient Israeli kingdom.

It is the “first” fortress of this period discovered on the Golan Heights and a “new piece in a puzzle” that makes it possible to decipher the relationship between David’s kingdom and his local Geshur allies, according to experts.


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