Kylie Jenner age: pros opinion about her post pregnancy diet

kylie jenner age

Kylie Jenner age is 23, in 2020. After giving birth, Kylie Jenner very quickly changed her eating habits and her sports routine in order to lose her pregnancy pounds. Did she start her weight loss correctly? Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist, tells us more …

On February 1, 2018, after months of absence from the media scene, Kylie Jenner hits hard by announcing the birth of her daughter, Stormi. A happy event that binds her intimately to Travis Scott, her companion since 2017. Since then, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has not stopped posting photos of her life as a young mother on social networks. And what we particularly remember is the overexposure of his body postpartum.

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Kylie Jenner age: how does she look as young as ever after her pregnancy

Although Kylie Jenner’s weight loss was rapid, the real question is: how did she do it?  How Kylie Jenner age seems younger than she actually is? Indeed, Kylie Jenner did not wait. From the birth of her baby girl, she began a diet. Not an easy thing when you know that the young influencer often frequented fast food before having Stormi. While she would have gained 18 kilos during her pregnancy, Kylie would have lost almost half of it in just 3 weeks. According to Raphaël Gruman, “ losing so many pounds in such a short time is very dangerous for the body.”Because of the deficiencies that can cause too fast a diet, many internal parameters are sometimes out of control, such as hormonal production. Not to mention the risk of muscle wasting (the body will destroy the muscles to eliminate as much as possible) and bone loss (which can lead to osteoporosis later) … So ladies, take your time!

On your marks, ready? Go….

Obviously, a good diet must be accompanied by a sports activity adapted to our condition . This time our nutritionist agrees with the choice of Kylie Jenner who put on a high intensity interval training. This type of session is composed of very short periods of intense effort alternated with periods of recovery. Kylie Jenner works out with weights, running, squats, push-ups, and cardio. Why is this beneficial? Strenuous exercise causes the heart rate to rise rapidly and creates what is known as an “oxygen debt”.

In order to respond to the muscular efforts required, the body  has no choice but totap into a specific energy system to pay off this debt, in other words, from fat reserves .  And this continues for 48 hours after the session. Yes ladies, you got it right: with this type of training, you will continue to burn calories after training.  But be careful, do not start such a training without having arrived at the end of the rehabilitation of the perineum and without the agreement of your physiotherapist. Although rehabilitation is shorter in case of cesarean section, it is still necessary to do one. 

Kylie Jenner claims to be training 5 times per week, 3 hours per session. According to Raphaël Gruman, “ after three quarters of an hour, the effort is less interesting ”. In addition, over-straining your body (in addition to a restricted diet) can cause injuries and tears, or damage cartilage or tendons. So think about adapting your activity and above all, take care of yourself without putting yourself under pressure.

Playing with food …

According to The Independent ,  Kylie Jenner’s sister, Kim K., advised her to stick to a strict diet of 1,500 calories per day. According to the  Daily Mail,  the star would even have gone down to 1000 calories per day. An idea that the nutritionist, Raphaël Gruman, considers “ restrictive but doable ”. However, he would like to point out that low calorie diets are very restrictive in monitoring. He advises instead to play on food families: “ With 1500 calories, we can lose just as much as with 1000 calories, provided that a certain type of nutrient is excluded ”. For example :you exclude carbohydrates and sugars but you keep proteins and fats . Since you will be lacking in carbohydrates and sugars, your body will need to tap directly into fat stores in order to generate energy. Enough to guarantee real weight loss … 

kylie jenner age
kylie jenner instagram

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Be careful, however: if you are a breastfeeding mother, Raphaël Gruman advises not to restrict yourself too much.  Because if your diet is poor, so will milk. Your baby will then experience stunted growth . Kylie Jenner is content to eat chicken, organic fish, raw vegetables and fruits. A questionable idea since there is too little fat in his diet. More extreme, too much restriction can lead to milk drying up. As the body does not have enough energy to function normally, it will cut off all non-vital functions for the body. In other words, he will seek to preserve himself. This can cause lactation to stop .

“200 to 500 calories per day less with breastfeeding”

Still, breastfeeding is considered a good way to lose weight . The nutritionist explains: “ Breastfeeding takes a lot of effort to create milk. In fact, the body will draw on its energy reserves. This will generate additional consumption of calories ” . In addition, breastfeeding increases appetite because when you burn calories, the body craves more. To really benefit from the energy consumption associated with breastfeeding, you have to know how to restrict yourself, but in quantity . Cooking at home is the best way to keep control over your food. 

Food without intolerance

Another element that has helped Kylie Jenner lose weight after pregnancy : the elimination of dairy products. Indeed, the young woman discovered a  lactose intolerance . According to Raphaël Gruman, “ consuming a food that is not suitable for us can cause inflammation and therefore make you fat ”. He encourages everyone to do intolerance tests, especially if you suspect a particular food. There are many signs: difficulty in digestion, fatigue, transit problems, pimples, skin rashes, migraines …

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Kylie Jenner age with grace: Drink liquid too …

The queen of reality TV would also have a tendency to swallow an incalculable number of teas! A good idea since drinking helps drain the body and eliminate waste. No need to go overboard though, a green tea from time to time does the trick!


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