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Laurence Anyways movie with Melvil Poupaud – critic

Laurence Anyways movie

Presented at Cannes in 2012 in the Un certain regard category, and rewarded in many other festivals, Laurence Anyways movie is only the third feature film by Xavier Dolan, current darling of the press and moviegoers, rightly or wrongly according to tastes of each one.

Laurence Anyways movie critic

Both personal and monumental fresco of nearly three hours, Laurence Anyways movie narrates over ten years the quest for identity of a man born a boy but feeling deeply like a woman, between conflicts, injustices and failed loves. It is also the complex and touching portrait of a couple who will implode in the face of a true love but incompatible with the desires of each and the eyes of others.

In the skin of her two fusional beings but unable to live together without breaking apart, Suzanne Clément and Melvil Poupaud are both magnificent. She is by turns solar, hysterical, unbearable, whole, fragile, when he is simply overwhelming in a difficult and jarring role, somewhere between innocence and selfishness. They are the two of the film’s great strength, supported by exemplary supporting roles.

An intimate story illustrated with the most beautiful grandiloquence, Laurence Anyways movie is a sublime, grueling, kitsch, exuberant and demanding work, ultra-stylized, perfectly written and staged with incredible mastery by Xavier Dolan, in full possession of his means. Magnifying its setting, operating a perfect fusion between a deliciously 80’s soundtrack and the image, the young filmmaker brings to life a handful of shots of terrifying beauty, bordering on dreamlike more than once.

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Although very long and particular, Laurence Anyways is a powerful and sensitive film, formally accomplished, interpreted with accuracy and treating its subject with all the intelligence and modesty required, even if it is obvious that the result will not do the job. unanimity.


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  1. I congratulate for the remarkable movie critic. The Laurence Anyways movie is one of my favorites when It was released, by the way.

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