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Licence to Kill movie with Timothy Dalton by John Glen – critic

Licence to Kill movie

A unique case to date of James Bond banned for children under twelve with us, Licence to Kill movie allows Timothy Dalton to don for the second and last time the costume of Agent 007. Very damaging, as the actor will have brought a class, physical credibility and a certain consistency in the role.

Licence to Kill movie critic

Distancing itself from the genre to which it is supposed to belong, Licence to Kill movie surprises with its turn, taking the risk of disconcerting fans by taking the attire of pure hard boiled thriller. Violent, see even gore (oh the pretty face that explodes!), The film of a John Glen signing here his farewell to the series abandons espionage in favor of a story of revenge.

Although suffering from serious lengths and showing a few wrinkles, License to Kill does the job effectively and is one of the best films of the saga, benefiting from a square staging, an unexpected setting and action scenes. few in number but smoothly carried out, like an explosive climax.

If the James Bond Girls are sexy but hardly convincing (Carey Lowell plays like a foot and Talisa Soto gets a totally unnecessary role), the rest of the cast surrounding a once again perfect Timothy Dalton is more than flirty. Robert Davi is an excellent bad guy, Everett McGill comes to say hello and even Desmond Llewelyn is entitled to a more consistent participation. We will also have fun discovering the first steps of a very young Benicio Del Toro but already showing a great presence.

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As wicked as it is tragic, Licence to Kill movie, the last episode before long, is a delicious anomaly in the world of James Bond, an opus certainly imperfect but original in its kind and devilishly effective.


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