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Logan movie with Hugh Jackman & Dafne Keen – critic

Logan movie

Following to the great public satisfaction of directing The Wolverine, director James Mangold has committed, without the slightest hesitation, to implementing a new project that centers on the uncertain evolution of Wolverine in an environment outside of the real context of the X-Men. Logan movie takes place 50 years after the events of X-Men Days of Futur Past. It puts forward a Logan acting impertinently in a hostile and uncertain environment, where he will have to measure up to an evil as dark and dangerous as the samurai or ninjas seen in the previous spin-off.

Logan movie critic

To end this spin-off trilogy on a high note, the producers and the director have chosen to adapt the comic book Old Man Logan, a comic book revealing a universe that has a certain modern western background and which highlights a tired and worn out Wolverine, where its end is inevitably near. After all, we’re not going to blame the producers, we’ve been admiring this mutant on the big screen for 17 years, it’s high time to move on. Even if he seems to have shown everything from the start, Hugh Jackman still gives a new definition of his legendary character, with so much class and subtlety.

Old age has visually invaded him, but yet he exudes abundant physical energy. After so many years, he is still the wild human animal who attacks without limit to everything that opposes him, without experiencing the slightest difficulty in his movements. It is also in Logan movie that we discover a Patrick Stewart in the role of a professor X completely confused and devastated by an illness which makes him lose considerably the head. The latter develops a rather unusual personality of the mutant who can read minds. It’s a pretty striking vision to see him act like this, the actor does it with an undeniable performance that is beyond our imagination.

We can notice another surprise, it is that of the interpretation of the small Dafne Keen in the skin of the bestial and ferocious young girl X-23, the female version of Wolverine. Although she does not necessarily participate in all the fight scenes, Dafne Keen has still trained in combat and gymnastics to achieve some magnificent physical feats. We can feel that she is fully applied in her role of the little wild beast who rushes without thinking twice and really has the head, even the behavior, of the kid who does what she wants.

This creates an absolutely catchy bond with Hugh Jackman. She forms with him a duo of distributors with claws absolutely fantastic to admire. The rest of the cast are also good overall, as is the rest of the production. We find the same technical work that was done for The Wolverine. That is to say, a skillful staging and a judicious placement of the camera to develop sufficiently a furious sensation with each claw claw, favorable conditions to fully enjoy the pure action scenes, with a total pleasing of the entertainment.

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It’s a twilight road-trip that takes place in a very well thought out slowness, releasing a lot of very sensitive emotions and which go straight to the point, they indicate that everything ends in Logan movie, especially as regards Wolverine. The decorations perfectly express this vision of things. It’s desert, dusty and monotonous, we walk most of the time in quiet corners and out of big cities, which may seem the places where the danger is least manifested and yet, it is far from being the case.

And when it gets out of hand, we are directly plunged into a ruthless and unforgivable atmosphere, which gives a deeply dramatic aspect to this feature film which is one of the most beautiful cinematic conclusions that we have rarely seen until today.


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