Lose belly fat: 3 efficient trainings to success – Plus tips

Lose belly fat

If you’re like most of us, you’re probably struggling to maintain your ideal weight, or even stop putting on pounds as you age. Your extra pounds are lodged everywhere or maybe just in certain places like the belly the thighs. So, long story short, you’ve found out like me that diets just don’t work out well for belly fat, and the Gym is either too expensive or takes up too much of your time. When you happen to lose those extra pounds, you just can’t seem to lose belly fat, which withstands everything you’ve tried. Worse, if you stop the diet, you put the pounds back on… exactly where they were hanging.

Thus, to do it effeciently, you must combine a healthy diet with training. We share with you 3 types of trainings that will shred those stubborn fats.

The 3 types of exercise to Lose belly fat and slim your waist

The second important factor in losing belly and waist fat is of course proper training. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one type of training. Sport in general, combined with healthy eating tips, will ensure the loss of abdominal fat. Here are the 3 types of exercises that we recommend, it’s up to you to see what you prefer!

Good to know: just because you do 100 sit-ups every day doesn’t mean you’ll succeed in losing your belly. In fact, thanks to regular training, you transform your fat mass through muscles. And muscles can only be built with the right training and enough protein .

1. Endurance sport

Endurance sports are known to help in weight loss. Running , swimming , cycling … are interesting physical activities for losing fat. Running and cycling have the advantage of being easily integrated into your daily life. You can cycle to your office or even jog! You also need little material to start this kind of sport.

Swimming and cycling are very good physical activities that allow you to burn calories without straining the joints. These sports are therefore strongly recommended for people who are very overweight. Running and walking are the most natural sports for your body and will train your whole body in a harmonious way.

The advantage of endurance sports is that they allow you to start your training in a moderate way, especially if you are a beginner. You can then gradually increase the intensity.

Their downside is that it will take time to reach a level of intensity high enough to have physical results. But if you take your time and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts with ever higher goals, you will be able to lose belly without any problem and to slim down in general.

2. HIIT training to lose belly fat

HIIT stands for ” High Intensity Interval Training “, if by chance you don’t know that. This involves doing different exercises (bodyweight or using additional weights) that will last less than a minute, with a short break in between.

HIIT workout usually lasts no more than 15 minutes , due to its intensity. The goal is to get your heart rate to its maximum. Compared to endurance sport, it will take longer for your heart rate to return to normal and you will burn more calories, even when your training is finished. This is what we call the afterburn effect .

Lose belly fat cardio

The advantage of this training: its efficiency-time ratio . You also need little material.

The downside : this kind of exercise is very intense and can quickly discourage beginner athletes .

3. Strength sport

Third and last way to lose weight and belly fat: strength sports. Yes, yes, you heard that right! The reason is simple: muscles burn calories . Strength sports stimulate muscle growth, and the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn.

The advantage : for beginners, strength sports (such as bodybuilding) are very interesting because they are adaptable to everyone . You can start practicing them with your bodyweight, then add weights as you progress.

The downside : Of course, you will weigh heavier because of the large muscle mass. Also, to measure your success, prefer to take your belly measurement (not to be confused with the waist measurement. Here you take your measurements at the level of the navel).

Losing belly fat without exercising, is it possible?

It’s possible. Then of course, we will always advise you to practice sport regularly. But if you can’t or don’t want to exercise, know that it is possible to lose a few pounds.

It will take longer , but if you can stay active every day, you will be able to burn calories. How? By adapting your routine so that your body is moving as much as possible during the day. By taking the stairs instead of the elevator, the bicycle instead of the car, etc.

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