Low Calorie diet by Dr Cohen: is 600 Calories a Day Right for You?

The Dr. Cohen diet is one of the slimming methods that promise to lose weight fast . This is one of the most popular weight loss diets, offered by a renowned nutritionist that you have surely seen on TV. No cabbage soup recipe or other slimming soup here, but rather the low 600 calorie recipe … Let’s see the result of the 600 calories per day diet, or a very low calorie intake. A short guide to Dr. Cohen’s diet, Savoir-maigrir.

The main principles of Dr. Cohen’s diet at a glance

This low calorie slimming diet is mainly based on calorie reduction and lipid reduction. Dr. Cohen explains live how to lose pounds.

There are several levels of diet and the reduction in calories is more or less severe depending on the type of profile. For those who want to lose belly and have a nice flat stomach, the adopted diet will depend on the goals to be achieved in terms of weight reduction.

How to lose weight with Dr Cohen’s Savoir-Migrir diet: several types of diet

Losing weight with Dr. Cohen’s slimming method involves choosing between one of the nutritional plans. After you fill out your form, including how much you want to lose and how you gained those pounds, you receive a proposal for meal plans that meet your needs. In these meal plans:

  • classic,
  • postmenopausal women,
  • not very active women,
  • overwhelmed people,
  • without breakfast,
  • gluten free,
  • without cow’s milk, etc.,

you find 3 caloric levels, ranging from 900 to 1800 calories. You can choose, based on your results, the calorie level that suits you. For example, you start at 1400 calories, and if you find that it doesn’t go down fast enough, you go up to 1200 calories.

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The lowest calorie level in Dr. Cohen’s diet is reserved for people who have had a weekend or a week away (for example during the Christmas holidays).

600 calorie per day diet, or “express” diet

This caloric level no longer exists in the program since 2018. It was deemed too restrictive, even dangerous for health. You should know that if everything is programmed by Doctor Cohen and his team of dieticians, the fact remains that you are the sole judge of your caloric choice. This choice is not subject to the agreement of the dieticians. Therefore, people in a hurry can use the “600 calorie diet” to lose faster, for too long a period.

The weight loss with this calorie level was 4 to 5 kg over 15 days.

Example day:

  • For breakfast: a skimmed milk (0% yogurt or glass of skimmed milk);
  • At lunch: 150 gr of fish, vegetables without fat;
  • At dinner: a vegetable soup without butter and a piece of fruit.

I calculated a day at 600 calories for you with the nutritional values ​​of each food, to give you an idea of ​​what 600 calories correspond to:

Menu 600 calories per day

Of course, this is only one example, but if you look at the weight of the food indicated in this menu 600 calories PER DAY , you realize that you will have to replace your large plates with saucers, whether for breakfast, lunch or lunch …

900 calorie diet per day or “fast” diet

Weight loss is 3 to 4 kg with this 15-day express diet. Precision of Doctor Cohen since 2018, this caloric level should be used only 2 days, to recover from a weekend of gaps or a week of vacation.

Example day:

  • For breakfast, a skimmed milk without sugar,
  • For lunch and dinner, raw vegetables without oils, 150 gr of fish, vegetables without fat, low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese and fruit.

I have concocted a menu with 900 calories per day:

meal plan menu 900 calories per day

You can see it’s not much more than the previous one, since I removed the starches from the three main meals except for half a slice of bread for breakfast (yes, that’s what 15 g of bread…).

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Diet of 1,200 calories per day or “comfort” diet

It makes you lose 3 kg per month on average, and even 4 or 5 kilos for some. It also depends on physical activity.

Example day:

  • 40 g of bread and 10 g of butter, 1 egg and a lean milk for breakfast.
  • At noon and in the evening, 150 g of fish or meat and 150 g of starchy foods (or 30 g of bread).
  • Olive oil and walnut oil are allowed (1 tbsp) or can be replaced with cream or butter (10 g).
low calorie diet Dr Cohen 2

For the three types of programs, the only drinks to consume are water, tea and coffee at will.

A new program has appeared more recently.

The 1,400 calorie “pleasure” diet

The 1,400 calorie diet seems closer to what should be a healthy, balanced diet. It still leaves a large part to 0% dairy products, vegetables and fruits. It includes a little too much cheese (morning and evening) and not enough starchy foods, but it is definitely more balanced than the 600 calorie or 900 calorie diet. The expected weight loss is 3 to 5 kilograms per month, which seems reasonable for more sustainable weight loss.

Why Dr Cohen Suggested To Eat As Low In Calorie As 600 Calories A Day

The goal of Dr. Cohen’s 600-calorie-a-day diet was to force your body to get its calories from the deep layers. However, contrary to what we want you to believe, if the fat cells are emptied, they never disappear. Removing fat cells can only be done through an operation. A diet of less than 600 calories per day followed for a year or more could also suppress fat cells … and you too.

How to follow the 600 calorie per day diet?

Take the time to write down everything you eat on this low-calorie diet. You will quickly realize that this is not sustainable, except to eat only steamed vegetables.

Example of 600 kcal / d diet noted by Karen:

Morning: 1 lemon juice (25 kcal), 1 hard-boiled egg (134 kcal) = 159 kcal

Noon: 1 cod fillet of 150 g (158 kcal), 1 bowl of cucumbers, grated carrots and raw tomatoes (300 g = 73 kcal) = 231 kcal

Evening: a bowl of soup (carrot, tomato, leek) of 300 g (89 kcal), 1 medium apple (64 kcal) = 153 kcal.

During the day, it reaches 543 kcal, or less than 600 calories per day . But who is able to hold a day’s work with so little, let alone several days of this type of diet? And again, Karen preferred to take a hard-boiled egg in the morning, rather than a dairy, less caloric.

To keep the diet at 600 cal / day over time , you should eat, every day, only vegetables, fruit, a piece of non-fatty fish or meat and 0% dairy. If fruits and vegetables provide vitamins and minerals, on the other hand this diet is very low in essential nutrients: lipids and carbohydrates. Therefore, it does not respect the basics of a balanced diet and can only be followed under the supervision of a nutritionist (in consultation) or the attending physician.

The 600 calorie diet shouldn’t be followed for a long time (and even not at all, since Dr. Cohen deleted it from his meal plans). The 900-calorie diet should only be used to make up for a day of excess or restart weight loss after a plateau that is too long.

Reviews of Dr Cohen’s Savoir-Lose Weight Diet

Since 2018, Dr. Cohen’s diet has focused on good eating habits . If it happens that we crack, just follow a day of “express” diet to compensate and regain your ideal weight. Dr. Cohen offers many sample menus week after week. The whole process is realistic, since calorie restriction will, in most cases, lead to short-term weight loss.

I didn’t like … the 600 calorie a day diet

The calorie restriction on the 600 calorie per day diet and the “fast” diet is far too strict, does not provide satiety, and is likely to lead to deficiency and fatigue. These two formulas are not recommended without medical follow-up. In particular, the total absence of fat and therefore of essential fatty acids poses a problem and does not correspond to a healthy and balanced diet.

low calorie diet Dr Cohen 1

Likewise, the diet encourages excessive consumption of stimulants: tea and coffee.

The diet of Dr. Cohen Savoir-Leanness addresses the need for regular physical activity, which will burn calories, but without emphasizing this need. However, physical activity is inseparable from a diet for sustainable weight loss. Obviously, physical activity is not compatible with the 600 calories per day menu.

They tested Dr. Cohen’s diet:

Catherin: liked the Savoir-Lean diet

With the Cohen diet you can lose up to 4 kg per month, I managed to lose more than 13 kgs without much effort by eating healthy.

I recommend this diet, it is simple to follow and you get good results, it is very motivating and without frustration.

Zayn: did not like the “express” diet 600 calories per day

I totally agree with you on Dr. Cohen’s diet. Besides, the negative points that you evoke are those which made that I did not follow his diet.

When I saw that I had to go through really very low calorie phases (600 calories per day diet) where there was almost nothing to eat, it didn’t make me want to continue, lol! I didn’t feel able to endure days of being frustrated with hunger.

Suddenly I became more interested in the comfort phases… which I also find are not bad and fit well within the framework of a varied and balanced diet, and also easily adaptable to one’s needs.

On the other hand, I find that some of the recipes in his books are quite good, and obviously low in calories. Okay, there are some that are really bad…. but hey we can not expect top level with recipes that are really too light 🙂

Otherwise overall, it still promotes a balanced diet and not too private which changes a little from many of its competitors in the diet market.

Anna’s sister: didn’t like the fatigue of the 600-calorie-a-day “booster” diet

Indeed my sister has tried this kind of 600 calorie per day diet before and the bad sides you mentioned are one effect of the diet. This feeling of fatigue was strongly felt by my sister (bad mood in addition).

Percy liked Dr. Cohen’s low-calorie diet

For my part I did 3 days the 900 calories and went to 1200, I did not feel bad mood or fatigue, it is true that I take supplements for the bones every morning. Maybe that’s why I feel good. I’m going to do it again this week because after the end of the year festivities I gained three kilos which settled in the waist.

Conclusion on the Learn how to lose weight diet: OK but not the 600 calories per day diet

low calorie diet Dr Cohen

In the end, Dr. Cohen’s diet of 1,400 or 1,600 calories can help you shed extra pounds through healthy eating. The meal plans studied by a dietitian adapt to your lifestyle: vegetarian, sedentary or active, gluten-free, sugar-free or almost. Avoid the latter, it is far too rich in protein for a perfectly balanced diet.

Diet is not an exact science and dieticians and nutritionists are no miracle workers with their weight loss program. They are just there to help you understand nutrition and go over the basics of a balanced diet.

Unfortunately, it should be remembered that overweight and obesity are often the result of rapid weight gain after a too strict diet. It is always better to opt for a balanced diet accompanied by regular physical activity rather than a 600 calorie diet. Good eating habits bring better long-term results and allow lasting weight loss, unlike Dr. Cohen’s 600 calorie diet.

Stabilization should not be forgotten, especially since it consists in fact of finding a balanced diet for life (but this, many are those who do not want to hear about it, preferring to alternate a 600 calorie diet and periods of overeating. ).


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