This man opens a can of soda at the bottom of the ocean, the result is surprising!

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Chris Hadfield had an experience to say the least, very surprising. He proved, in front of his camera, that at the bottom of the ocean a can of coke does not react the same way as on dry land …

You’ve probably heard of Chris Hadfield , a Canadian-born astronaut. Having worked with NASA, this man was the first Canadian to command the International Space Station in space. Incredible, isn’t it?

During this mission, Chris Hadfield is also the first to have carried out a spacewalk, that is to say, execute a sortie of a spacecraft in orbit. We can applaud him!

His amazing experience

Every self-respecting Coca-Cola fan knows the consequences of shaking the drink before consumption. It is enough to shake the can slightly to obtain a wonderful effusion of bubbles when it is opened and of course a lot of foam! Or when you add a mentos inside … A real explosion occurs!

And in these cases, it is better to bring a good towel to clean it all. However, at the bottom of the ocean, this man has proven that a can does not react in the same way … We let you discover this extraordinary experience .

A matter of pressure

Due to the great pressure exerted on the walls of the submarine, the drink does not react in the same way as on dry land. After shaking the can of Coca-Cola well in front of the camera, Chris Hadfield proves that the drink reacts in a rather unexpected way.

But what is really going on? Check the video! You will be surprised!


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