Meghan Markle alongside a thug: this photo she would like to forget …

meghan markle
Before becoming Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle was freer in dating and going out. So, during her acting career in Hollywood, she sometimes went to parties. In particular, she met a man who was prosecuted. Unfortunately for her, a photo has just resurfaced.

A claimed feminist , divorced , politically engaged … Enough to thrill the very conservative British crown as well as its supporters most cautious to change and modernity. A cleavage image that sticks to the skin of Meghan Markle , loved or hated. An image that will not improve across the Channel since a photo of her with a thug has resurfaced.

When she was an actress, the former American star of the Suits series from time to time paced parties, previews or social cocktails during which the guest lists were less rigorous than those imposed by the royal family when it organized Event. Thus, Meghan Markle notably had the opportunity to participate in a dinner of the Global Gift Gala , an evening which raises funds for various associations. In 2013, she took part in London. On the photocall , she had then notably posed for the photographers in the company of Mansoor ‘Manni’ Hussain, a sulphurous businessman . The latter is also immortalized with Beyoncé or Simon Cowell .

As reported by the Daily Mail site – which has been more on the anti-Meghan side since her marriage to Prince Harry in 2018 – the photo of the meeting between the 39-year-old former actress and the 40-year-old businessman comes from to go back up to the surface. Problem: he is in the crosshairs of the police and is suspected of being a thug. “ Investigators believe the property developer has laundered huge sums of money for criminal networks linked to a convicted murderer, drug and gun traffickers. The National Crime Agency has seized for almost £ 10million to the promoter“, we can read. A developer who has managed in his property catalog up to 45 homes across the United Kingdom.

This shot alongside Meghan Markle is a reminder of her past as a socialite and a personality supposedly hungry for notoriety. An ex-friend had said that she absolutely wanted a famous guy . The Duchess, who once again settled down with her husband and their son Archie in Los Angeles , was she at the time ready to meet anyone to network and get some publicity? Anyway, today she has reworked her image and has much better control over her dating. It must be said that her image is important because this is what brands and employers who offer her contracts buy since she declared that she wanted – like Harry – her financial independence from the royal family …


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