Meghan Markle: Her 100% Californian gift to Harry for his 36th birthday

duchess and harry
For his first birthday celebrated on the West Coast, Prince Harry received a typically local gift from his wife Meghan Markle: his first surf lessons! The Briton, rather used to polo and rugby matches, put on his tight-fitting suit with joy.

The Prince Harry has acclimatized well to his new American life: it is now six months since he left the monarchy to move to California with his wife Meghan Markle and their little boy, Archie , 16 months. Even if the break with the royal family was done in pain, the Briton is discovering the joys of life on the West Coast. He would even have started … surfing!

According to a source from Page Six cited, on October 1, 2020, the son of Prince Charles and Diana was offered his first surf lessons by his dear and tender, on the occasion of his birthday. ” Harry loves Montecito, Meghan gave him surf lessons for his birthday and he’s having the best time .” This may explain her new tanned complexion! On September 15, Prince Harry indeed celebrated his 36th birthday at home , in his new villa in Montecito, Santa Barbara. A house in which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex settled last July, after having spent nearly 12 million euros .

Already when the couple resided in Los Angeles in the comfortable house loaned to them by producer Tyler Perry, the Briton was seen on a bicycle going to a beach in Malibu well known to surfers to get information. It’s a change from polo, an equestrian sport widespread across the Channel, that Prince Harry has been practicing since childhood with his brother William and their friends.


When not in a tight-fitting jumpsuit on a board, Prince Harry devotes himself to his new post- Megxit occupations : his new production company and his juicy contract with Netflix , the launch of his Archewell foundation , which he is preparing with Meghan Markle for many months … Like his wife, who has been increasing the number of videoconferences for several weeks, the Duke of Sussex took part in a Zoom interview with the English newspaper Evening Standard from his living room worthy of a magazine of decoration. An interview unveiled Thursday during which the couple gave news of their son Archie , who continues to grow away from the cameras.

Meghan and Harry have also spoken out, once again, on racial injustices and the Black Lives Matter movement. However, no mention was made of the US presidential elections, after the sharp criticism that their previous speech on the subject had triggered .


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